Belly sleepers - need advice/reassurance

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Belly sleepers - need advice/reassurance

The great thing is that Tigh rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time this weekend. Now he just won't lay still and rolls constantly. The bad thing is that means last night he kept rolling over to sleep on his belly at night. It freaked DH out and he came in to wake me up (he's a writer and stays up very late) to have me come and look at how he was sleeping. It made me nervous but I know he can roll so I figured he would be fine - and he was breathing fine. Plus, he rolled himself like that. We took the boppy noggin out of the crib which he used to sleep on, but now he won't stay still even in sleep. I went back to bed and DH went and read in the nursery to keep an eye on him.

I guess I just need a little reassurance from other mommies whose babies are sleeping or have slept on their bellies at night.

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Lurker: I know it is a no-no right now, but DS has been sleeping on his belly for awhile now. He would not sleep well at all on his back. I was nervous about it at first, but he has had great neck strength since the day he was born (he was holding his head up then). I check on him a few times a night, more when he was smaller, and I have never found him to be face down or anything like that. Also, I feel that he could choke just as easy if not easier if he was face up and spit up in his sleep. I have been reading that once they are able to turn over, the risk for SIDS greatly decreases. I know it is nerve wracking, but who's to say they are not going to change the recomendations to tummy sleeping sometime in the future. It seems they are always finding out new things about every aspect of our babies lives. Your baby boy may just be more comfortable on his tummy right now. Good luck with everything.

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I would keep putting him to sleep on his back. But, once he rolls over there isn't much you can do about it. Make sure there are no blankets or pillows in the crib for him to suffocate himself with. I think that's all you can do!

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I agree with the idea of putting him down on his back and if he flips over then just let him go. They once they can roll it is ok, and honestly I'm not sure you can really fight with the little guy on this one. If he is comfy that way he is going to keep turning onto his belly.
Liam was a belly sleeper from early on. He couldn't roll, but it was the only way he would sleep. I struggled with it for a long time, but realized he and the rest of us needed sleep. He never had any issues ever.

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I wouldn't worry about it, once they are able to roll over their risk of SIDS is pretty low. If you are worried, you can always look into a sleeping wedge for him. William never stayed in his but I don't know how other kids do with it.

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Ace has been a tummy sleeper since birth. So was DD1. If he can roll... I wouldn't worry about it.

(but then again I'm not a big worrier on that as evidenced by my tummy sleeping kids lol)

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Daphne has slept on her belly since day 3, the day we got home from the hospital. Smile DS was a belly sleeper starting at 2 months of age; being a FTM with him, I knew he needed to sleep on his belly to get any rest, but I was just too paranoid. The first day I let him belly sleep for a nap....I was a convert, lol! He still woke frequently at night, but the sleep he did get was much more restful for the BOTH of us. Honestly, if he can roll, I wouldn't worry a bit. Both of my kids were able to pick up their heads and move them side to side when sleeping on their belly from the very start, so I wasn't worried about suffocation. And FWIW, I don't personally believe SIDS is directly related to belly sleeping at all. Not trying to start a debate, JMO!

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The big link with SIDS and tummy sleeping is that they can get into a place where they are rebreathing their own air and sufficating because they can't turn their head/roll over to get fresh air. Once they can roll the risk goes way down.

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As long as there are no pillows, blankets, stuffies, bumpers(excluding mesh ones), and he's not swaddled I would be fine with it. Adding any of the above creates a bigger risk for suffocation, Just my opinion though...