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Kay has now been sleeping in her crib for a bit now and we still have it on the highest setting, also the railing is still lowered. There is about 2 inches from the top of the mattress and the top of the railing so I am not worried that she will roll out, she can't roll from back to front now anyways so maybe thats why it's not a concern.

Anyways what I am really wondering is when do you lower the crib mattress to the next level? And when do you keep the railing up when they are in it?? I know most cribs now don't have railings that lower but for those that are using a crib they had in the past might be able to help me with that question Smile

I'm pretty sure joshua was ahead in the mobile area at this time so I am not used to having a baby that doesn't sit or move around too much by this time. I guess its a good thing.. I hope Smile

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We moved his crib mattress down every time he could reach and his head was over the rail when he was standing up. Now his head is over the rail but its on its lowest setting. Hes gotten out of it once, but that was because his changing table was too close to the crib and he pulled himself out of his crib.

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I just started keeping the side up on the crib. Daphne reaches for things and can roll, so I'm paranoid she'll somehow get out of the crib, even though I know the chances right now are slim of that happening! Before we lowered the mattress same as Alicia, when DS seemed to start pulling himself up on the sides.

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I always put the sides up. You never know when they're going to learn to roll, or have a freak accident. I started at the highest setting and moved down with each new stage. Sitting, kneeling, pulling to stand.

Laney is still in her crib, she turns 2 next Friday, and can get her feet over the edge, but she never crawls out of her bed. Even if she did, she's tall enough that she would only have about a foot to fall. lol