Day in the life of... (List)

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Day in the life of... (List)

Day in the life of _______! Let's see our precious LOs doing their thing! The game works by taking pictures of your LO throughout the day and showing us what a day in their life is like!

You can post anytime during the week. I just went down the list of people who responded so if you need another week just go ahead and post when you need to. Smile

May 16: CarolynB, Jumarse
May 23: Mich1414, AliciaD
May 30: TyrantOfTheWeek, Cindyanns
June 6: tink9702, RonanTheBarbarian
June 13: feelinfroggie, Vanessa_Ajoun
June 20: bluepenguin, Christinepea
June 27: Mrs_Cow, Ryan's Mama
July 4: SamanthaX3, kayes

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I'm going to be a bit late on this. Camera wasn't working properly last weekend and now I'm busy with preparing for and going to Virginia. So....I will do Tigh's DITLO when we get back from VA later in July. I love these and I'm not going to miss out!! Smile Keep them coming!

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I think I may have to bow out of this, I didn't expect to still be living out of boxes at this time, so maybe when we do it again or if we do then I will do it.