DITLO Ronan (pic heavy of course!)

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DITLO Ronan (pic heavy of course!)

I?m awake! Time to start the day with some zoology.

Oh hey mom, I didn?t see you come in! Here?s my tiger!


Mom tries to make diaper changes quick, but I ALWAYS get away naked?

First sister patting of the day!

Some very important reading.

What do you need ma? I?m dancing to my music video!


Thanks 

Daddy?s home!

I?m nicer when it?s daddy changing my diaper.

Then I yelled at dad for putting me in my crib

Even though I fell right asleep anyway

When I woke up we went to the mall!
Mom was getting the Beco ready to carry my sister so daddy tried it with me? but that didn?t work so well

Then I played on the floor with the cool light

And helped get things out from under the stroller

At Target I figured out how to stand up in the cart (never unattended and don?t worry, I WAS buckled!)

Then I played in this cool ride

And tried to talk dad into buying me this cute little duck, who I kept hugging and kissing

When we got back home I had some conversations with dad

Had a snack while texting

Patted my sister some more

Played some video games

Stole my dad?s wallet

Helped dad look at recipes

Let dad read a book to me

Talked to my grandma on the phone

?Let? my mom try my new shirt on me

Enjoyed some dinner even though mom wouldn?t let me feed it to myself

Figured out a new way to pick up my milk

Then before bed I got (or had?) to watch some American Idol

But I made sure to tell mom what I thought about it

I read myself some books

I even got to snuggle with my dad and sister!

Look, I let mom put my jammies on me finally!

When mom put me in bed I got to bite this new rail cover thingy they got!

Cool, huh????

Oh, its bed time? I GUESS I understand 

Good night!

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First off, Ronan is adorable. I love all his little expressions as he enjoys his day. Gotta love how he's sitting in the middle of a room full of toys and yet he has daddy's wallet. I often wonder why we buy toys b/c Hadleigh's favorites are remotes, phones, and anything else she's not supposed to play with.

Second, I nearly wet my pants when I saw the pic of him in the carrier! That is seriously hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing.

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Awww! I love the monitor pictures!! So cute!!

Thanks for sharing!! Looks like a fun day!

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Looks like a great day! I love the sister patting pictures, Ronan is too darn cute!

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Ronan had a great day! He seems so independent and just does his own thing and is into everything. Smile

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Adorable!!! Love the naked reading pics! Smile

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Aw Ronan is so adorable!

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He is just so dang cute!! I swear he has the most adorable expressions!

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Super cute pics of Ronan.

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OMG Ronan is so cute! I had so much fun watching his day. His expressions crack me up. We have that same rail covering on Austin's crib - don't you love it?? Thanks for sharing your cuties with us!