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Diva McDramalicious

Yup, that is what I am changing her name to. I swear she is SO much more high maintenance than William ever was. Where he would kinda let you know he wanted a bottle - she goes from sleeping to screaming like she hasn't eaten in 3 days. Shes a cutie but man... shes dramalicious.

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LOL maybe it's a girl thing... Illyana is a very happy baby...but when she is hungry WATCH OUT!

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Mine too!!!! Sooooooooooo much different than my son. Her grandparents are here from CA for a visit, and she won't let either one of them hold her without screaming. I feel so bad! Sad

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Awe - all the cuteness definitely makes up for the screaming Smile

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This still cracks me up! Biggrin As PP have said. All that adorableness bundled up in one little girl makes up for it

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Sounds like she's giving you a run for the money!!! Maybe she's getting all the difficultness out now to be a GREAT adolescent. Bwahahahahhaaaaaaaa!!! Sorry, I just know an adolescent girl HAS to be a heap of trouble, lol!!

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Julia is the same way. she will go from one extreme to the next in a spilt second. One minute her eyes are getting heavy and ready to sleep and the next minute she is wide awake playing and smiling. My DD#1 is the same way and she is 4 1/2, I don't remember if she was like that when she was a baby.

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The title of this post made me laugh! Riley too! She will be totally fine and then scream and holler the next second. Theres no middle ground with her either!

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Lol that sounds like how DS1 and DD were. Two totally different personalities. Hopefully she will grow out of her diva-like ways. Unfortunately my DD never did. She still thinks the world revolves around her.