Ear wax?

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Ear wax?

Are you cleaning the inside of your LO's ears and if so, how and how often?

I clean them in the bath, but haven't used qtips or anything. I've noticed some wax and wanted to ask around what others are doing.

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I clean them after baths, which are 2 - 3 times a week. I definitely notice earwax in his ears too, just like his Dad! I use the baby q-tips that are very large, one on each ear. I use one side to clean the canal and then the other side to wipe inside of the rest of the ear.

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I don't clean her ears a ton, but when I do I use the baby q-tips

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i am an ear cleaner.........i can't stand dirty noses, ears or finger/toenails....just grosses me out!
Payton's ears are just starting to get a little wax, and her ear canals are so small that i just use the regular q-tips (they couldn't take her temp in her ear at the docs because the ear thermometer was too big). My ODD has the WORST wax in her ears, i have to clean almost daily! Payton's i check but only clean maybe twice a week.
Fingernails get done more often Wink

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Daphne practically pours earwax out, it's pretty gross! I asked the pedi since DS never had so much, she said it was a good thing that the ears were getting a good clean out and wax wasn't building up. I put a wipe around my index finger and just swipe in there, just about every day. Usually do it before a bottle, since she's not exactly pleased about the cleaning process!

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I usually swipe K's ears with the washcloth when she's in the bath (which is every other day).

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I use a q-tip at bath time, which is usually every other night. I can't stand seeing ear wax in coming out of some ones ears so I'm maybe a little ocd over cleaning them and will do it if I see wax, but Kara seems to have just a normal amount. DS on the other hand has super waxy ears so he is forever getting his ears cleaned by mom, poor kid Wink