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So how do yo know for sure when to up the nipple flow for bottle fed babies? It dawned on me that maybe one reason Ronan was so distracted eating and seemed to eat less at a time than before was the flow being too slow, so today we moved up to the 3s (Dr. Brown). I am pretty sure that this is what the problem was because the few times he's eaten since I changed the nipple he eats the whole bottle at once instead of getting annoyed and having to break it up over an hour. I just want to double check that I know the signs of the nipple flow being too fast. If it was too fast he'd be doing more coughing/ choking and spitting a lot of it out as he eats right? Anything else to watch for?
Also, even though Ronan doesn't see his doctor till tomorrow for a late 4 month appointment, we decided to try out baby food yesterday! He did NOT like the peaches (I think too tart?), liked the bananas a little more, but later in the day I tried sweet potatoes and he ate half the jar! Not sure if I should keep with sweet potatoes for a week or so then try something else? What is everyone doing?
Oh, AND, what have been signs that your babies have been going through growth spurts? Ronan usually eats about 30 oz a day of formula but the last few days its been about 35 (plus the little bit of baby food yesterday and today). Aside from last night he had been waking up at 1230/1 for an extra feeding where he usually sleeps 7-4/5 then 430/530-730, which led me to thinking growth spurt also. LAST night he slept through that added feeding (so more like usual!) and I wonder if it has anything to do with adding solids, or if he's just getting back to his routine.
Bonus: Pics of Ronan trying the peaches and bananas Smile

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I honestly don't even know what flow Gabby's bottles are hehe I just grab a nipple, throw it on the bottle and go on with my day Smile

As far as solids go, if he is just starting out - you should only introduce one new food a week. That way if there is an allergic reaction, you will know which food is causing it. You want to stay on the neutral foods: Squash, bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, peas, green beans. Nothing like strawberry / banana, pears, peaches, etc. I stay away from the acidic foods for the first couple months because it can make them have tummy issues.

Usually growth spurts is when she is crabbin even after eating and a diaper change. If I hold her and shes still being grumpy, I try to remember where she is age wise. Then I check the calendar for growth spurt time frames to see if shes in it. If it was just last night, I would assume it was the solids. Try to give him some Mylicon with his next solid feeding, see if that changes anything.

Hes so cute Smile

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Those pictures are perfect!

When I switched from slow to fast I could immediately tell they were too fast before more was coming out of Tigh's mouth than in during feedings and he was coughing and choking. I found out that there is medium flow (I use the 9oz angled playtex bottles) and those work perfect for him. He started eating more too bc of how easy it was for him to eat. If he gets really gassy than that could be another sign of a bottle being too fast.

We just started introducing solids, and I've introduced a couple days of sweet potatoes and a couple days of peas. I guess I should only stick to one for a week...I honestly was going to try a different veggie tonight, but I'll wait per advice here.

I think I can tell when Tigh is having a growth spurt because he extra fussy and he wants to eat and eat and eat. I still haven't had to do a night feeding in a looooooong time. We rock him and soothe him on the rare occasions he wakes at night and avoid feeding so it doesn't become a habit. I think I'll only need to feed him if he's feeling sick and dehydrated.

Also, sometimes I'm not sure if the fussiness is growth spurts or teething...this teething thing perplexes me!! :confused: I don't think I see anything, but then sometimes I feel like thats got to be the only reason why he's fussy.

The sleep interuption may be a result of the solids but you won't really know until he's had a couple days of solids and you can see a pattern. Maybe try every other day with solids and see if you can see a pattern.

GL - I'm right there with you figuring this whole solid foods thing out! Biggrin