First Father's Days...

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First Father's Days...

What does everyone have planned for Father's Day? Especially if it's Daddy's first Father's Day? I'm not sure what to do to make it memorable. Sad

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We are going over to my inlaws. I will probably do plaster casts of Gabby's feet like I did with William. Not sure what to do from William to DH.

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my siggy is my father's day present to DH from both Tyler and Lana - I put it in a 3-pic frame. Can't wait for him to see it! I also had Tyler pick out some scrapbook paper and he did a decoupage project on a glass vase and we made a pen/pencil holder for DH's desk.

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I created a calendar from June 2011 - May 2012 of just pictures of Tigh and DH since Tigh's birth. Each month has pictures and a cute caption. I created it and ordered it through Shutterfly (I LOVE Shutterfly!). It arrived early and I hate keeping gifts hidden so I already gave it to him. He loved it and proudly displays it on his desk in his office. I think I'm going to make it a tradition each year to make him a new one from pictures of them from the previous year.

Tomorrow, I will just let him sleep in and do whatever he wants. He decided he wants to watch manly war movies/shows and order a pizza. He's pretty easy to please. Biggrin