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gift ideas

ok so i am starting to think about Amelia's birthday gifts. She has not really "clinched" onto one type of character or type of toy. She is in the crawling stage now and just goes. What are you getting your little ones? Looking for some ideas. I am getting her this light up lantern that I found but that is all I really find. The stuff I like, she is too little for still Sad

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I saw that lantern and thought it was super cute. I am thinking of getting him a kids vacuum, and we got him a kids camping chair. Other then that not sure. Hoping there is some good stuff on black friday that will cover birthday and christmas.

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Sophia has so many toys that are appropriate for her age now, I'm going to get her something that will be appropriate in another 6 months or so.

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We have started buying for Birthday/Christmas already as we had gift cards we wanted to use. So far we have books, one of those large wooden bead mazes, a mailbox, puzzles.

Other ideas on the list are a play vacuum, a baby stroller, a ball popper thingy, and clothes.

If you don't have sorters, or those ramp type things to put balls down those are good ideas too. We have a ton from DS. They are also a good age for finger paints.