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Home Easter Pictures

The east bunny picture thread got me thinking. I know some of you ladies do home photo shoots and I was thinking about doing some with a easter basket and easter eggs. Put Stetson in the basket and fill the baket with eggs?

Do oyu ladies have any other ideas?

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I'm am very uncreative, so don't have any ideas, but I think the basket would be super cute!!

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I've taken some of the kids outside for easter, having the green if spring around them and all dressed up always looks nice. Maybe with bright colored eggs around?
With 3 now i have such a hard time getting nice pics of them together......especially since the size difference is so great (7.5, 3 and payton).

hmmm i might take a pic with Payton holding one of those big choc bunnies, lol!

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I will be doing an easter shoot with kay, I have little bunny ears and everything Smile Then we will be doing some cute pictures of the 3 kids together. I am really really big on pictures and memories.

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I think that's an adorable idea! My mom bought her a little bunny hat and bunny shoes, so I'm going to put her in those and take pictures.

I might have to buy an easter basket now, though. Wink Steal your awesome idea!