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How many ounces...

Now that our babies are either 9 months or nearing 9 months and some of us are feeding them more solid foods, I was just wondering how many ounces of formula(if you do formula) do you feed them a day?? I have read some conflicting things on line so I wanted to ask here. I am going to ask my doctor on the 9th when I see her but I just wanted a little input before I went...

I have read any where from 16 ounces to 32 to ounces and anything in between. I am slowly leaning towards feeding Kay more solid foods as she not only seems ready but yells at us if we don't share with her or give her her own portion or if she has the bottle and sees us eating food she will try and get that food rather then drink her bottle.

As of right now she is getting a 7 ounce bottle in the morning when she wakes up and then she will get a little bit of what I am eating for breakfast depending on what it is, then at lunch she gets the amount of 2 jars of baby food (I make my own) and I have just started giving her half apple and water to drink. Then just before dinner around 4:00 she gets between a 5 or 7 ounce bottle of formula depending on what we are having for dinner and if I can give her some of that. Then she gets her last bottle of formula which is 6 or 7 ounces depending on how much she ate and what time she last ate. So she gets between 18 and 21 as of this last week or so.

In between those feedings she gets cheerios and a biscuit type thing, can't remember the name of it...... But she loves her food. lol..

When do you cut back formula and bring in more solids? And does it depend more on the baby then the age?

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We do about 18-24 oz of formula. Sometimes more but never more than 30 oz in a day.

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Can't help with amount as we BF but my doctor says primary nutrition should be BF or formula for the first year.

If it was me I would give her as much food as she wants but not cut back on the formula yet. Just my opinion though..

Also, my doc wanted DS to get a minimum of 16 ounces of cows milk until he turned 2 years old. We replaced formula with milk when he turned a year.

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Austin still drinks almost 30oz a day, in addition to baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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My pedi told me a min of 16 oz to max of 24 oz in a day. Because baby should be getting 3 good meals a day and snacks as well and water. Hope that helps Smile

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24-30 oz per day in addition to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner

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Lurker: You might find this chart helpful....


Breast Milk



Fruits & Vegetables

Yogurt & Meat

0-1 Month

Every 2-3 hours; or 8-10 feedings each day. Feed on demand.

Every 3-4 hours, or 6-8 feedings each day, 2-3oz per feeding.




1-4 Months

6- 8 feedings each day. Number of feedings decreases as baby starts to sleep longer at night.

Every 4-5 hours, or 5-6 feedings per day. 4-6 oz. per feeding.




4-6 Months

Usually 6 feedings each day.

4-5 feedings each day, 6- 8 oz per feeding. Maximum of 32 oz. per day.

Iron fortified Rice Cereal, followed by oatmeal and other grains (no wheat until at least 8 months).

Start with 1 Tbsp mixed with BM or Formula. Gradually increase to 4 Tbsp. Serve 1 time per day gradually increasing to 2.

After cereal is established, advance to strained vegetables and fruits. Start with single ingredients. Gradually advance to 4 oz servings. Watch for allergy signs.

At about 6 months of age; once your baby is swallowing food easily and you are consistently feeding solids 3 times per day; advance to stage 2 foods.

Note: fruits & desserts are best served unheated (room temperature or directly from the refrigerator).


6-9 Months

Usually 4- 6 feedings each day. Number of feedings decreases and solids increase.

Ranges from 24-32 oz per day, depending on amount of solids in the babies diet.

At 8 months, begin to introduce more textured foods (less strained/pureed).

Once you get up to 3-4 tablespoons of cereal and a fruit and vegetable at one meal, then it is usually time to introduce another meal during the day, with the goal of 3 regular meals by the time your baby is about 7-8 months old.

May want to try juice (no more than 4oz/day – 2oz of juice diluted with 2oz of water). Continue adding new fruits & vegetables. Try combining already accepted fruits and vegetables to create new flavors.

At about 8 months you can advance to stage 3 foods; typically baby is trying to feed themselves.

At 7 months can begin yogurt. At 8 months can begin finely milled meat and poultry.

9-12 Months

Usually 4 feedings each day. Number of feedings decreases and solids continue to increase.

Approximately 24 oz. per day.

Usually 1 time each day (1/4 to ½ cup). Begin introducing finger foods – such as well cooked pasta.

Usually 2 servings of fruits AND vegetables per day (1/4 to ½ cup).

Try chunkier textures, finger foods. Small finely cut banana, cooked vegetables.

Usually 1 serving of yogurt (1/4 to ½ cup). Usually 1 serving of meat/poultry. For variety try scrambled eggs or soft cheese.

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Daphne eats no less than 30-35 oz of formula a day, but she really doesn't eat much in the way of solids at all, maybe 1oz of solids a day is all she'll do. The pedi said feed her no more than 25 or so ounces a day, but I'm not going to not feed her formula when she's not eating solids, it doesn't work that way IMO.