How much does.....

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How much does.....

your little one eat in a day?

I make Julia's food and she will eat 16 cubes a day and she will also BF about 5 times a day. To me this seems like alot so I wanted to compare to other LO. I should also mention that she has doubled her birth weight yet so I think she might be making up for lost time when she was not gaining weight.

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Daphne eats maybe 1 cube of food a day and around 35-40oz of formula. She'll eat probably a little less than 1/4 cup of cheerios throughout the day. I betcha Julia is just taking in what she needs!

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Sophia eats about 3-4 jars of food a day, a handful of puffs or a couple of Mum Mums, and about 25oz of milk.

But this varies from time to time. I think they adjust based on what they need. Smile I wouldn't worry too much!

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Gabby still doesn't eat a ton, maybe 30 - 35 oz of formula, maybe a 1/4 cup of puffs throughout the day and a half jar of baby food mid day.

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K eats solids twice a day. 2-3 cubes or 2 oz of jarred food, depending on how hungry she seems. She only drinks around 24-28oz of formula a day. Hasn't quite mastered the puffs yet, but she gets a teething biscuit every other day or so.

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Michael usually eats a container or two of yogurt, about 16 cubes of food, and about 25-30oz of formula. He has been a BIG eater right from the beginning, I always kind of figured he was trying to catch up from what he couldn't get in the womb anymore (from my infarcted placenta). At his last appointment he was in the 50th percentile for height and weight though, so it must be okay : ) I think babies just eat what they need.

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Hadleigh eats 1/2 tub fruit & cereal for breakfast, full tub veggie and 1/2 fruit for lunch and full tub veggie and 1/2 fruit & cereal for dinner. She just added to snacks to her day b/c she was fussing in between. She's never taken more than 4-5 oz. formula so most days she gets about 24-30 oz.

I thought she was be a piggy but she's pretty spot on I think with what some of you posted. Dr. says shes fine and is in 50% so I guess she's not getting too much.

Her intake GREATLY increased once she started crawling.

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Ronan still really isn't into babyfood. I don't know what else to do. He'll eat maybe 10 small bites then just want his bottle. He does eat some puffs, but again not much. So I'd say he eats an average of 1 jar of food a WEEK, and maybe a 1/4 cup of puffs per week also. But for formula he has about 35 oz. or so a day. He's definitely growing though!

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hmmm, Olivia BF 6-8 times in 24 hours, about 3 handfuls of cheerios/puffs, and on a good day 8 oz of baby food cubes. On a bad day, maybe 1oz of food. She really isn't into the food thing yet even though we keep trying.

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Austin has about 30oz of formula and 2-3 jars of baby food a day. We usually add in a mum mum and a few puffs. He isn't a huge eater... some days we go with 1/2 a jar of food or none at all.

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Tigh is an EATER...maybe too much so? I guess I'll find out at his 9 month at the beginning of September.

He drinks 24-30 oz per day (4 oz bottles)
Breakfast - 1/4 cup puffs and 1 yogurt, 1 jar fruit, or fruit and oatmeal mixed
Lunch - 1 jar veggie and now he eats pieces off the daycare menu like cooked veggies, breads, fruits
Snack - Rice snacks or fresh fruit
Dinner - 1 jar veggie or veggie/meat mix, pieces of cheese, and maybe a cookie or wagon wheel if he still seems hungry

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Lana is not into solids AT ALL. We keep trying and trying, but if she can't feed it to herself, she's having no part of it. She'll eat 1/2 a waffle if it's broken into tiny pieces on her tray, but I can't tell you how many jars of baby food we've thrown away b/c she just won't eat it. I wish she did - it's so much easier to make sure they are getting what they need that way. Even feeding herself, she's not getting much. She's still getting nearly all of her nutrition from BF'ing - about 6-7 times a day.

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Payton eats sporadically, some days she eats at lunch and dinner other days just dinner and some days neither. She is getting more consistent now, but then i had the constipation issues.
today she had a couple of crackers with PB on them (yes i feed her pb and she loves it), a few bites of broccoli, a few baked beans, and a cracker.
she eats mostly table food, as when i give her baby food she a difficult time with constipation.

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For those of you who's LO's don't like the food, have you considered using a mesh feeder? Kaitlyn loves hers, and I've been putting her frozen food cubes right in it. She loves the cold on her teeth and gets her veggies in that way too.

From what I've learned (and you can see it in this thread!) all babies are different. As long as they are happy and growing, there's no right or wrong amount. Smile

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Ace eats soft table foods... so I can't guess at how much. One day last month he decided that the pureed food just wasn't cool. So he eats what we eat (or a soft version of it)

He's mostly boobed for his nutrition.. but he does eat breakfast lunch and dinner (after a boob or bottle of breastmilk). If I had to guess I would say he eats maybe 2 ounces of food each meal?? It's not much...

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Bridget seems to eat so much less than a lot of your LO's, but she is happy & seems content (& not really skinny Smile ). She will drink 26oz of formula a day (some days she has a hard time drinking that much). For breakfast she'll drink 8oz & eat oatmeal & half jar of fruit (aprox. 2oz), then she will have a 6oz bottle 4 hours later & another 6 four hours after that. Then at bed time she will have 6oz and half jar of veggies. So she is getting a bottle about every 4 hours & she isn't starving. But I think I am going to start giving her more veggies &/or fruit during the day, lunch. She still only has 2 teeth, so I'm not ready to have her try puffs or any snacks yet.

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Dominic eats about 12-20 oz of food in a day and he also drinks anywhere from 16-22 oz of formula per day. I've been giving him mostly pureed food because he has been gagging or spitting out the soft table foods. We still keep trying and he gets better every time we try. But, I truly believe that every baby is different, just like PP have said. Because my DD was eating all soft table foods by now and doing really well. My DS on the other hand not so much. haha Wink