I'm back!

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I'm back!

I've been such a slacker on this sight (& the computer in general). Our computer at home has been acting up for a while & I just don't trust it, so afraid someone is going to hack it. Then when I came back to work 3 weeks ago Sad my computer here wasn't working. We moved offices while I was off, actually right before I came back & by the time I came back, the internet wasn't hooked up, then there were all kinds of problems getting MY computer hooked up. Well, it is finally up & running, so I will be around a lot more. I have SO much to catch up on. And as soon as I can get my computer at home fixed, I will be adding pictures. Is it easy, do it from a phone, does anyone know (I have a Droid)? I have a lot of pictures on my phone. I want to add some of Bridget's St. Patrick's Day pictures to that thread Smile

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Welcome back! Not sure if you can upload here from a phone or not.

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Glad to see you again, anxious to see pics of your LO! I also don't know how to post pics from a phone, sorry. Hope someone can help!

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Welcome back! I was able to upload once by going to my photobucket account online through the phone and choosing mobile upload (I think!). It took a little while but wasn't too bad. Otherwise if that doesn't seem to work maybe email them to yourself from your phone then when at work download them to the computer then upload them to photobucket?
Good luck and cannot wait to see some pictures!