I'm really sorry guys ...

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I'm really sorry guys ...

I have to take some time off, which means I won't be able to run the summer swap.

2 nights ago, I ended up calling 911 because my aunt was very ill. She's still in the hospital and will move to hospice house when she's done there.

June 6th, Ben goes in for stomach surgery and while there they will place a Mic-key button.

With everything going on, and my stress level through the roof, I just don't have the time or the energy to figure out how to get this done on top of it.

I'm so sorry. Sad I'll still lurk and post as I'm able, but I just can't guarantee how often I can do things that are time consuming.

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Jana don't you dare worry about us. Take care of your family, we will be here to support you through anything you need. Please let us know how Ben is doing after his surgery when you get the chance. Sorry about your aunt Sad

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You have so much on your plate! I'm so sorry about your aunt- I hope she's as comfortable as possible. I'll be thinking about Ben and sending all the positive thoughts and prayers I possibly can for an easy procedure and recovery! Seriously- you are super mom!

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Don't worry about that, just take care of yourself and your family. That's what's important right now.

I'm sending positive thoughts your way!

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Ditto what everyone else has said! Take care of your family and we will be here for you if you need any support! Good luck with Ben's surgery!!

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Family comes first! Positive vibes to your Aunt and your little Ben. Hang in there mama - we will be thinking about you and sending our encouragement.

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Sorry to hear about your aunt. Completely understandable you will not be around. YOu hang in there!

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:bighug: take care of yourself and your family first mama!