Just thought I'd share..

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Just thought I'd share..

Took some videos of the kids the other day.. Here's a cute one of Colin feeding his sister:

And of Kaitlyn playing in her saucer. She's been saying "DaDa" lately, and you can hear it a bit in this video. Wink

We're doing well.. K will be 7 months tomorrow and is still working on her first tooth. Yesterday and today have been pretty bad, and it *feels* like it's almost through so hopefully she'll have one here soon. Tomorrow is also mine and DH's 7 year anniversary. MIL is taking the kids for the evening so we can go out for sushi. Monday is his first day back to work after having surgery on his hand (tendon repair..long story) so I'm a little sad as it's been nice having him around (albeit one-handed). Hope everyone is having a good summer so far. Biggrin

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Those videos are soo cute! What a great big brother Kaitlyn has! And I love the talking, can't wait for Audrey to say dada and mama. Congrats on 7 years!

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Oh my gosh those videos are way cute! Ronan isn't really babbling much- he's more into making this goofy noise- I'll have to post that haha!
Seriously cute kids!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!! I LOVE sushi- great choice Biggrin I hope Dh's hand heals quickly and the transition back to just mama goes well!

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Such a cute video! I love how she just opens her mouth! Olivia needs to take some lessons on that. She opens her mouth for everything but food. LOL Congrats on 7 years!

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Videos are adorable!!! TFS! I love how Colin looks at you like, "Am I doing this right..." while he's feeding her. Then says, "Okay, I'm done." Lol So cute, the both of them!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

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Cute videos... she has lots to say! Happy Anniversary.

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Cute videos! I laughed when Colin started to choke her. That's totally how feeding would go in our household with Ryan feeding Austin. Smile TFS! Happy anniversary!

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yup - that's what feeding would look like in our house too if I let his sisters feed him. You are a brave mama! He's such a good big brother though Smile

Happy belated Anniversary! hope the sushi was yummy

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Too cute! What a good big brother that loves feeding his baby sister! I love seeing a baby actually INTERESTED in eating since Daphne could care less lol!

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TFS! How sweet to have big brother help out - I'm looking forward to one day seeing Tigh as a big brother. You can totally hear the "dada" in the second video - very cute!

Hope you enjoyed your anniversary dinner Biggrin