Kay is 4 months old :)

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Kay is 4 months old :)

I still can't believe that she is 4 months old now.. I can't believe that our babies are turning 4 months old already.

We had her shots yesterday and she did great with them. Cried for less then 10 seconds Smile She weighed 15 pounds and 8.5 ounces, she is 24 3/4 inches. She certainly is a big girl Smile I have her actual doctors appointment on the 4th so they will do a more thorough check up of her.

She isn't quite ready for solids yet cause of the tongue thrust issue, and the nurse didn't see anything wrong with not giving her solids, since all Kay knows is my milk Smile

She hasn't rolled over from back to front yet, but I'm not to worried as she does roll onto her side, I think it may be the diapers that are causing her to get stuck. lol.

She is doing great and talking a lot! She is so adorable and I love her soo much!!

Anyways I thought I would give a nice photo update from first born until now Smile Since I did her 4 month photo shoot today Smile

1 day old

1 month old

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old TODAY!

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Awww, she is adorable!! Sounds like she is doing GREAT! Don't worry about the rolling from back to front yet. "Most" babies don't get that down quite yet and I am sure she will figure it out in her own time! Austin isn't doing that yet, either.

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I love her smile- shes so dang cute! Sounds like she's doing great Smile

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Awww! She's so cute, thanks for sharing the pictures! Sophia hasn't rolled over from her back to front either, but her doctor said they usually do that closer to 5 months anyway so not to worry about it too much.

Glad she handled her shots well!

I agree, they're growing up so fast!

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Love the picture timeline! she's so cute!

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I love seeing her progression! Absolutely amazing that our babies are getting so big Biggrin