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Momma and Baby Check In

Alright Ladies. It's time for another check in! I wanna know how all of you are doing!

Me and Stetson are doing well. He has his 4 month appointment in 2 weeks so we will see how that goes. He's started solids and eats 2 meals of solids a day. He just was eating entirely too much formula. And seems to be loving the baby food. I've been working about 32 hours a week and my mom watches him when I am at work. Which he seems to love Biggrin


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Well, you pretty much know everything going on in my life! Lol

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"AliciaD" wrote:

Well, you pretty much know everything going on in my life! Lol

Haha. Yep. Like wise. Biggrin


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Kendra- that's amazing that he's eating baby food- how did you know when it was time to introduce it besides him eating so much!?!

We are doing well over here in WI! We had tornados and severe storms the other night to the point where our power was out for 7 hours and we spent 4 hours in the basement with 1 of those hours huddled against a supporting wall because there were touchdowns of the tornado very close and we could hear siding shaking and that's when the power went out! It was pretty amazing- Ronan slept through the whole thing Smile It was already scary and stressful enough- I cannot even imagine if he had been screaming or needing something during this time. The only damage we got directly was due to the power being out- we have a sub pump that keeps our basement from flooding and that didn't work with the power being out so we had a little water down there, but nothing bad at all- didn't even get to the finished part of the basement. We were fortunate though- closeby there were even houses missing walls, roofs and whole second floors.
Other than that we are good- got a new stroller- the City Mini and it's amazing! Ronan LOOOOOOOVES his stroller- well probably more that he loves going for walks to see things, but still!
Ronan's leg seems somewhat better though he's still not moving it as he should and has times where he seems to be in pain, but really it is so much better than before. I am a little worried about his development though, as he was in that cast before and now this leg is hurt- so he isn't trying to roll over yet. Other than that I think he's keeping up maybe? He grasps toys on purpose (usually to bring them to his mouth Smile ) and when doing tummy time (though only on my chest for how as I'm worried about his hips while on the floor on his tummy) he lifts his head and pushes himself up some with his arms. This baby LOVES to talk it seems- if you get him going he will coo and goo for half an hour sometimes- it is way too cute. I also love that when he wakes up in the morning he is just laying there smiling up at me- melts my heart.

I seriously cannot believe how old our babies are getting already Sad I guess it's exciting and sad though at the same time- I just know I need to keep taking tons of pictures, write everything down, and cherish EVERYTHING!

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We aren't doing so good Sad Kay is still sick, she just can't shake this cough or congestion. I'm constantly having to wipe her nose and SHE HATES IT! She screams and cries and I do it as gently as possible. Night times are pretty bad as that is when she gets the most congested.

I still can't believe at the end of this month she will be 5 months old!! She now weighs just shy of 15 pounds and she is 25 and 3/4 inches long Smile

As for other stuff she is doing okay. Still not ready to eat solids as she still pushes everything out with her tongue. So we are waiting on that. She is grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth but she has a hard time holding on to them for any length of time. Kay has started to giggle more but I can't seem to get it on video Sad But boy does she light up when she sees her dad or me or her brother Smile She has the best smile ever!

As for me, I got over a cold only to now have constant stomach bug. I think it started on friday maybe and I woke up at like 6 and had to go get sick. Now I constantly feel sick to my stomach... patiently waiting to feel better as the weather is getting warmer and I really want to start walking again.

I hope to start posting regularly when my stomach settles down.

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Ace and I are doing well. He's a pretty hefty little man. At 3 mos he was 15 lbs 2 ounces. I can't wait to see what he will be at his 4 mos check up on the 21st.

He is still EBF and we won't be starting soldis until 6 mos or later. I think I'll start him with avacados and mangos... yummy!

He doesn't roll yet wither, but he grasps at toys, smiles like the Cheshire Cat, and talks alot. I'm not so worried about the rolling. My girls did everything SUPER early.. so it's kinda nice to have a man who isn't in a hurry to grow up!

I have started running again so we get out the double jogger every night and hit the road. He seems to like it... but not for more than 30 mins or so. He really prefers to his Sleepy Wrap to being in a stroller. He loves loves loves the outdoors in general! He gets so happy and giddy when we go out in the backyard to work on the garden or play with the ducks or dogs. He's an overall happy baby! The happiest one I've had so far lol

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Mommy and baby are doing great here. Now that Tigh can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy and control his neck really well, we are not as concerned about his torticollis and plagiocephaly. He nows sleeps on his belly at night - we put him to bed on his back and he rolls onto his belly within the first hour usually. He must have been a tummy sleeper from the start because now he sleeps through the night pretty much every night. (yay!!)The last checkup was his 4 month last week and he was 15lbs 3oz and 26 inches. He seems to not mind daycare and comes home clean and happy so that makes mommy and daddy happy. Tigh has been more talkative lately, but still has those moments where he likes to just stare and smile as you talk to him. He has also become very interested in watching us eat so I'm sure vegies will be introduced at 6 months if not sooner.

As the weather gets warmer and nicer here in Texas, I'm looking forward to spending more time outdoors taking after-dinner walks and visiting parks and zoos and maybe even taking Tigh swimming! I'm totally excited about experiencing the usual Spring/Summer activities but this times as a mommy. Smile

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Payton is doing well, if she would get her teeth i would be better!! She is getting up A LOT! her naps are only about 20 min long and she is much crankier then usual.

She is almost rolling from back to tummy and she is rolling from tummy to back. She loves her exersaucer and can get her seat to turn around so she can play with all the toys. She also laughs when we tickle her feet now, which i find so totally adorable!

Payton had her 4m visit and she was 11lb 14oz and 23 3/4 inches long totally healthy and she is a peanut but growing steadily.

We are enjoying the spring weather and taking walks with the older kids!

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Amelia has been sick Sad Otherwise she is good - she is 4 months today Smile Rolls from tummy to back and ALMOST from back to tummy - stinker gets to her side and puts her leg over when I change her!!!! Almost 15 pounds too. Loving it!

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We're doing good here too, finally free of sickness I think! Stomach flu and 3 rounds of viral chest/nose stuff in less than 4 months was a bit much! But I guess that's what happens when an older brother is in school for the first year, or so I'm told!

Daphne just eats her hands all.the.time. She shoves her fist so far in there she makes herself puke. :rolleyes: She rolls and babbles a lot. She's in love with her big brother, he is her favorite person to "talk" to! She's pretty good with sleeping during the night, goes down around 7:30 and wakes once or twice to eat, up for the day around 7 or so. Naps during the day are sporadic with timing, sometimes 30 minutes max for days on end, then she'll pull a 3 hour nap out of the blue.

That's about it, just loving this age and really loving how much DS just loves and entertains his sister!

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Doing good here! Austin was 15 lbs and 24 3/4 in. at his 4 month appointment 2 weeks ago. I can see his first little tooth popping in at the bottom, too! Where his canines would go look SUPER swollen, too. He is always drooling, sucking on his hands, etc. He went a few days without wanting to eat, but seems to be coming back around and eating slowly but surely. We had a horrible storm blow through on Sunday night/Monday morning and the power went out, Austin was up 3 times, Ryan was up, etc. Work the next day was not so pleasant. Otherwise, Austin is generally a great sleeper and just a happy little guy! He is still working on rolling from back to tummy. He seems to always want to try when he is all swaddled up and ready for bed. Eeek! We are weaning him from the swaddle this week, so hopefully he doesn't learn to roll in bed before then. He doesn't seem interested in foods at all, so we are waiting a while.

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We're doing great too. Bridget goes for her 4 month check up on Friday. I'm very anxious to see how much she weighs. She is only on formula now, getting 26oz. a day. We'll talk about starting her on cereal & other food at her appointment. She still does not roll over, but she really looks like she's trying, so I'm hoping any day now. She scoots & turns a lot. Yesterday morning, she had turned herself more than 180 degrees, in her sleep. It was pretty funny to check on her & see how much she had moved. She is a great sleeper at night, has been since about 5 weeks old. We had trouble getting her to sleep in her crib at first. She slept in her car seat for several weeks & would sleep great, 6-8 hours, usually. She's been in her crib since about 10 weeks & sleeps 10-11 hours a night. Once in a while it'll be closer to 9 hours, but never less than that. Her naps are hit or miss. Sometimes she'll take a couple of naps a day that are 2 hours (give or take 20-30 minutes) & other naps will only last 30-40 minutes. She is talking & laughing a lot, I love it! Her fingers are always in her mouth & she is drooling & making raspberries quite a bit. She is a pretty good baby, but when she's hungry or tired, she will definitely let you know! At her 2 month check the Dr. said it looked like she has a hernia in her bellybutton. Just said to keep an eye on it. But, I'm going to ask about it at her appointment this week. I'm not sure if it's causing her any pain or discomfort or not. Sometimes out of no where she'll start crying, not hungry, not tired, clean diaper, so I'm starting to wonder if it's the hernia.

I'm back into the swing of things at work & not always happy. It gets hard to get everything done at home & have time with her, once I'm home from work. I do miss her during the day & I hate not being there to do more with her. Everyone tells me it will get better, I'm just hoping it does. I wish so bad, I didn't need to work full time.

I'm getting so anxious for the weather to get nice & do more fun stuff with Bridget. Last week end was super nice.... for a day, then got cold again. I can not wait for summer Smile

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Sophia's doing well! She's really into this talking thing, and I don't think it's a stage. WinkLol I have a feeling we're going to have a little chatterbox on our hands.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to start watching a couple kids starting Monday. A friend of a friend needs a new babysitter cause the lady watching her children lives pretty far away now. It'll be her 8 month old baby during the school year and her baby and 7 year old son during the summer. We're going to work out the details later tonight and I'm going to meet her kids to see if it's a good fit.

I'll keep you guys posted.

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Ben is doing really well. His lip is healing nicely. He'll be 4 months on Monday, he's 9lbs 2oz and 26 1/2 inches long. He's babbling, laughing, and rolling both ways. Since his palate is open, it'll be awhile before we start solid foods.

We go back for our Post-Op check next Tuesday, then fly back home on Wednesday.

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Illyana is finally able to roll from tummy to back but not the other way...yet... she is Very talkative - I am scared she'll never stop once she can form words hahaha - She is also drooling more than a St. Bernard, and she growls when she shoves her fingers in her mouth, sometimes even biting too hard on herself and crying about it. It'll be interesting to see if she pops teeth soon because Logan didn't get any until he was about 10 months old.

I'm having lots of fun with how responsive and alert she is, she loves when we blow raspberries on her belly or feet and she's a happy little squealer LOL She has had a runny nose for 2 days now but I wonder if it's a teething thing instead of a cold, she did also run a slight fever on Sunday.

Besides that we're all good. It's awesome to hear how all our little ones are doing Smile

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It's so good to hear about all the babies!

Olivia is doing well. She's just finishing up with a cold and hasn't been eating or sleeping well because of it, but I think we are on the mend and hopefully it will get better soon! Shes loving her exersaucer, and can turn herself around in it. No rolling yet, but is fully capable and just hasn't done it... *shrug*. She's getting good at sitting up which is great! Big brother is just in love with his "sissy"/"a yah yah" as he calls her! LOL She's always smiling and watching him which is so special to see! I'm getting the hang of working in the office 3 days and from home 2 days I think, but it's hard to have to work in the wee hours of the morning and late in the evening to make up the time. I don't like it, but it's better than working fulltime and we are getting closer to paying off the student loans which is mostly why I need to work fulltime in the first place. Weather is also getting nicer here, so on Wed/Fri when I'm home I've been taking the kids for a walk and to the playground near our house which is great fun!

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We are doing well here too. Olivia had her 4 month check up today and she is doing wonderful. She's 15lbs 14.5 oz and 24 1/2 in long! She did really well with her shots too! She did scream during them (man she has some lungs when she wants) but then calmed down pretty quickly. She stopped crying before I nursed her which was nice. Last time I had to nurse her to get her to calm down. She is rolling all over the place so DH and I really need to get on the baby proofing thing soon. She is also drooling like crazy but no teeth just yet.

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We're here and doing well! Kaitlyn had her 4 month appointment today and is 14lbs, 8oz. She's gone from the 5-10% to 50-75% growth curves. Biggrin She's fully recovered from her RSV she had last month, and got the thumbs up from the doc today. Her head is growing pretty quickly, so we have to have another measurement taken next month to make sure she's back on the curve. I'm not sure what a fast growing head means, but apparently it's something they want to monitor.

Things are good with mama too. I sold my car tonight ('03 VW Passat) and am picking up a new minivan tomorrow ('08 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT). I'm really sad to see my car go, but happy that we'll have a vehicle that better suits our family. My son is going to be a ring bearer in DH's step-brother's wedding Friday, so we've been busy getting ready for that. And enjoying the nice spring weather we're finally getting in MI. Biggrin

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We are here also. Austin is doing really well. His 4 mo check up went really well and he is growing like crazy. He is 16lbs 8 oz and has officially passed up his cousin who is 2 months older then he is. Austin is rolling over and scooting on his belly everywhere now. I think he will be crawling within a month or army crawling anyways. Austin has gotten really good at sitting by himself and playing with toys also. I don't think I am ready for him to learning all this stuff so quickly.

I'm going pretty good. Still EBF with a little bit of cereal at night. We just started some carrots and he seems to really like it. I am not wanting to give up any feedings yet so he just gets a little each night just to learn how to eat still. No AF yet which we are really liking. We are wanting to try for an OCt 2012 baby so I think I will try and start weaning bf around Oct/Nov at latest if he doesn't decide on his own to be done. Other then that we just keep on learning new stuff and staying crazy busy.

Good to hear about all the mommies and babies doing so well!!

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We are doing well here! JD had a doc appt today and he weighed in at 17 lbs 5 ozs and 26 inches long. He is sleeping through the night for the most part. A few times a week he wakes up to eat though. On Sunday he rolled from back to belly for the first time.
I am slowly but surely adapting to life with 3 kids. I started back in school April 5th so that takes up a lot of my time. That and training for a half marathon....not quite sure what I was thinking when I signed up for that one.... But ya, for the most part, life is good Smile

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Add us to the "doing well" list! Lana will be 5 months old on Friday! She's 16.5 pounds already. We will probably wait another month to start solids - she's gaining just fine with BF'ing and it's so easy. I'm being lazy and holding off on solids! And the best part is that she is sleeping 10-11 hours at night - STRAIGHT. Biggrin My baby girl who was waking every 2 hours for sooooo long suddenly started sleeping 10-11 hours about a month ago. It's heavenly.

She still is not rolling - doesnt seem to have any interest in even trying.

We are moving from FL to MD in few weeks. MD is "home" for me, so i am excited, but it's stressful trying to sell the house and move with two kids!