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Monkey child

Anyone else finding nursing a bit... challenging lately? My child is bonkers. When we nurse laying down (before nap and bedtime) she tries to roll over while still latched, crawl away, then crawl back and try to latch while sitting or standing next to me. When we nurse sitting up, she pinches my boob, arm, stomach, tries to climb up my body. It is exhausting! Oh, for my sweet little girl who nursed so peacefully and happily!

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Lurker from January board...

Nursing is so hard right now! My baby is so easily distracted now, which makes is almost impossible sometimes to get him to eat enough. What is killing me is that he will latch on, then rip his mouth off of my nipple and turn his head around to look at something. It hurts like crazy, especially since his little teeth are coming in on the bottom. I know they say you should go nurse somewhere calm and quiet, but good luck doing that with two toddlers running around! I'm hoping he will get over the excitement of everything soon and go back to focusing on nursing, but I'm not holding my breath!

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Unfortunately we were unable to BF, but unless Ronan is starving, he is very distractable while having his bottle! He'll constantly be grabbing at my face, hair and clothes with one hand and pulling his hair with the other hand. He is always trying to sit up if there is anything going on in the room to see what's going on- it can be tough- and MESSY! He loves to smile mid-bottle and forgets to swallow first, so spills LOTS out!

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LOL I have to laugh because I thought I was the only one with a child who believes she's part of Cirque du Soleil every time we sit/lay down to nurse... it's maddening !!

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Lol! This is us too! She actually nursed standing up yesterday!! Haha

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oh yeah... Ace will nurse in any position possible...

One day.... I think I might end up like this lady....

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LOL Rebecca that is really funny.

Julia is not too bad. I only nurse her when she is going for a nap or bed for the night. When I do it is in her room where is it dark and quiet. There are timee when Emily will walk by the room or talk to us and that is when Julia will look away. There are times when she does not take my nipple out of her mouth when she turns her head...OUCH!!!!

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Olivia is exactly the same way! lol

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hahaha Oh Rebecca that picture is hilarious!

I haven't breastfed since Tigh was 5 weeks old, but I can totally relate to the "monkey child" when it comes to bath-time. Trying to get Tigh dressed after his bath is becoming a wrestling match. How his diaper actually gets on him correctly is beyond me.

Its like the world has opened up and they our LOs don't have time to sit still because life is passing by around them and they want to be a part of it all. I can't blame him...if anything, I get a good work out from it! ROFL