Scared of the dark?

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Scared of the dark?

My almost 3 year old has had a rough few weeks. He will ONLY sleep with his overhead light on. We turn it off when we go to bed but he will not go to sleep w/o out. He will either say he is afraid of the ceiling or shadows. We showed him and explained shadows. He normally has a nite light. We tried having him cuddle with his stuffed animals. NOTHING works. Any suggestions? Usually around 3 or 4 AM he wakes up all upset and we have to get him back to bed. He WAS getting up immediately after we put him to bed but now that the light is on that at least stopped.

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Have you tried a glow buddy?
They can bring it in bed with them/ under the covers with them. I got one for my nephew and he loves it! Otherwise he also likes this:
I hope something works!!!!

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My DS is scared of airplanes (and we live within 15 miles of the airport...). For him, I gave him a special stuffed animal that will Protect Him from the airplanes. I really emphasized that the animal will protect him and nothing bad was going to happen. Now he won't take a nap or go to bed without the animal. He also goes and finds it everytime a plane passes overhead....

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Yeah, you have to give him something that will "protect" him from the dark. Its a common phase at this age, good luck!

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Ryan went through that. We gave him a flash light to have next to his bed in case he gets scared. He doesn't use it anymore but it's still there.

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my 3 year old goes to sleep with the lamp in her room on, i put her in bed then turn the overhead light off and the lamp on. after she is asleep we turn off her lamp, but she usually does not wake up.....if she does she comes in our room which is right across the hallway.
i would get a nightlight, and day it is a special sleeping light. (our nightlight needs a new bulb).

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DS is going thru this now too at age 3. I've got 2 nightlights in there that make it pretty bright, and also another light in his bathroom that's in his room. We turn off the lamp and still rock a little before bed, I just talk up how perfectly lit the room is, it's not dark at all, he can still see, etc. He's started turning the lamp off himself now and saying 'see, it's not too dark in here!!'. He used to get up and turn his bathroom light on and leave the door open, but it would be too bright and wake him in the middle of the night. I think it's just luck that the 3 nightlights worked for him finally, I had also been talking a lot about how nothing was scary in the dark, nothing would hurt him, we also made shadows ourselves to show him exactly what they were. It's a tough phase, hope you find something that works!