So big!

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So big!

Yesterday at my library storytimes there were 2 younger siblings making their debuts, a 4 week old and a 3 week old (who was actually born just over 3 weeks early!) It was so fun to see such tiny babies, and it really hammered home just how fast miss Nora is growing and changing!

She can finally roll from belly to back after getting herself stuck and annoyed for a while. She rolls all over the floor now, definitely inspires me to keep up with the vacuuming!

She has amazing head control and looks at anyone who talks to her. She chatters and giggles, she loves attention and is just so happy and sweet (until bedtime.)

I sometimes find myself wishing time to speed up to where she is more playful and interactive with her older brother, I just wanted to take time to pause and marvel at how far she has come already! The first year is so crazy, but each stage is amazing.

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Oh my gosh, she is so adorable!! It's amazing how fast they're growing, isn't it?

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Look at that hair - I love it! So adorable!

Crazy how fast they grow. Its like you want them to achieve each new milestone, yet stop growing at the same time.

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Its just noy fair - both your cuties have more hair than mine!

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She's so cute! As is big brother!

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I'm with everyone else....lovin that full head of hair!