Starting water/juice?

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Starting water/juice?

My doctor had mentioned starting to offer Olivia water or juice in a sippy cup. Has anyone started this yet? I've never heard of offering anything other than BM/F to a baby this early. But I'm also a FTM so what do I know. What are you ladies doing/heard?

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Mostly copied from facebook Wink :
Yeah, I bought a Nuby cup that has a soft sippy which opens and closes when she sucks, so it's kind of like a cross between a bottle and a sippy cup. I only give Sophia juice mixed with water (half and half) as a constipation "treat." Lol

Juice is really sugary, so I don't want her to get used to it as a regular, you know? Not sure what the guidelines are when they get older, but I still don't want her drinking too much juice as a toddler... I figure the vitamins and whole fruits I give her are good enough.

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We won't be starting juice until at least a year, I Just don't see a need for it yet.

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At Tigh's 6 month, the pedi mentioned introducing the sippy cup but I don't think she mentioned juice. I bought a sippy cup that has a soft nipple and I've let him play with it. I put a tiny bit of water in it, but he hasn't actually been able to get any water out of it. Its super cute to watch him try though!

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My 3 year old rarely gets juice, Daphne will follow with no juice until a much later age...and even then on rare occasions.

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What I've heard is that breastmilk or formula should be the primary liquids until a year and to never introduce water/juice until at least 6 months.

Personallly, we don't introduce juice until after 12 months and even then, rarely. Only exception to that is Prune Juice if baby is really constipated. Ethan is turning 2 on tuesday and he gets 1/2 juice 1/2 water once a week.

As for water, Olivia has had a couple sips here and there. Mostly when she dives for her brother's sippy cups! LOL She can even get water out of the hard top (vs. soft nipple) sippys. I doubt I'll make it a regular part of her routine for a couple more months or so.

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nope - we wont give juice until she is over a year. we have her a TAD bit of water mixed with a VERY LITTLE bit of juice when she was not taking liquids when she was sick. I think the milk was too phlemly for her. But she never got more than 4 oz a day of that and it was only for a day or two.

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No juice here for quite a while. I have given her little bits of water out of my glass with a straw and she loves that...but I won't be introducing the sippy for a couple more months. Our pedi never mentioned it.

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Thanks for your input ladies. I was a little uneasy about giving her a sippy cup especially with juice right now. She still doesn't seem too interested in solids right now (she prefers the boob) so we'll probably wait a bit on this. These are the days I'm so thankful for such wonderful mommies to talk to!

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I won't start Kamden on juice unless he's constipated. It's just not nutritional for them right now. Formula/bf is all they need. They have time to learn how to use a sippy.

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I don't do juice this young either. I plan to give Kara some expressed bm in a sippy starting around 9 mons. That's what I did with Liam and it seemed to work well.

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I am not giving JD any juice until he is at least a year. That is just one more thing to throw off our feeding routine Biggrin

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We have introduced a sippy but only with water, she loves it. At this stage it is more learning (just like food) and experience not really to satisfy she may drink 1/2 ounce of water a day..........but it's fun for her.