Tigh's first PT update

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Tigh's first PT update

Tigh had his first PT appointment this morning. DH picked him up from daycare to take him. I was crazy nervous waiting to hear back about how things went. Just got off the phone with DH and all-in-all it was very positive. The therapist did about 45 minutes of exercises with him and he didn't cry at all (a good sign that the exercises we have already been doing at home are working). She said that he doesn't have a shortened neck, but that both neck tendons in the front are very tight and we should start massaging them.

She didn't have DH set up a follow-up appointment quite yet. She thought that as long as we continue exercises and massaging that the neck muscles will be much better in about a month. When it comes to the plagiocephaly, she said that continuing to use the pillow is the best idea and that we could even try a memory foam mattress. The only thing with memory foam with infants is that if he were to turn over and not be able to turn his neck, then the foam would form around his nostrils. She said she wouldn't be concerned with how well he's moving his neck, but still DH and I wouldn't do this because the thought of foam forming around his nostrils and suffocating him scares the crud out of me.

DH seemed positive on the phone so that helped ease my tension. I'm looking forward to reading over the handouts tonight and learning a few more exercises. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until our two month follow-up with the craniofacial specialist because the plagiocephaly seems to be a more serious issue than the torticollis (neck) at this point. Next week is our four month well checkup with the pedi too so it'll be interesting to hear what she has to say. Thanks for reading!

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I'm glad everything went well and it was a positive visit Smile Hugs to all of you

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Yay! Sounds like a really good appt overall Smile

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Glad to hear it went well! If she didn't schedule a follow up, that sounds very promising!! And the helmet thing isn't so horrible. I started looking back through pics of Ryan in his helmet and I forgot just how cute it was!!

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I'm so glad the visit went well! Great news!

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Glad to hear it went so well and that the home exercises are helping already! Hope the appointment with the specialist goes just as well.

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:clappy: yay for a great appointment!

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Glad the appointment well and way to go on the home exercises! How nice to know they are working.

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Awesome! When we took Ronan to the geneticist he looked him over completely and I brought up the possibility of torticollis, and of the head shape, but he wasn't that worried with him being so young I guess? My sister's daughter had the torticollis and I know she did PT and that seemed to fix it quickly- so I'm sure you'll get great results like it sounds you already are! When I talked to the Dr about the head shape he said just monitor it and bring it up with the ped and the worst thing that could happen is they'd use a headband, not a helmet (something different?), but thats for extreme situations- so I'm sure with you working with Tigh so early it'll be ok!