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I know I havent posted in awhile, but things are a little hectic. Kay has kind of mastered crawling, except she does a worm move and she is quick and seems to be getting quicker by each passing day. She can kind of pull to a standing position but stays on her knees, which actually makes me feel better less of a fall if she topples over. lol.

She now has her 7th and 8th tooth coming in, and she has a runny nose from her teething. And the drooling never seems to stop.

She loves food and screams if you have some and don't give her any. She is now starting to dislike any purees I give her and only wants finger foods, yesterday I had to put chunks in her yogurt that rob made just so she would eat it. She loves anything and everything and because of that she is 20 pounds now, probably even a little heavier then that. lol.

I still haven't taken her 9 month pictures only because her nose is raw from me having to wipe it so much Sad But I do have a picture from today Smile

I was taking my first belly pictures of this pregnancy and Joshua insisted they both be in the picture. I wish she was looking, but ya. Its the best I can do when I am not behind the camera. lol

I am 28 weeks pregnant and this pregnancy is probably my worst one. It's more painful and I am always tired. Doing anything where I have to stand for more then 10 minutes at a time is very painful. I want to enjoy this pregnancy I really do but I'm finding it hard to find anything positive about being pregnant. The only positive thing about it is that I will have a brand new baby I can love, but even that kind of terrifies me cause I feel overwhelmed now with everything I just have a hard time seeing how I will manage with another baby. But I am sure it will all work out for the best.. I will end this post with a 28 week 1 day belly picture Smile

hope all you girls are doing well and hopefully this board will pick up again Smile

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Girl, I was terrified having Austin because I wasn't sure how I would take care of another baby. And Ryan was almost 4! It always seems to work out in the end. You look great, btw!! Sorry to hear this pregnancy hasn't been that great for you!

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You look great and you kiddos are so cute!! I can't believe she has a 7th and 8th tooth!! No wonder she wants real food!

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling great! I hope things get better!

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Love that baby bump!! Sorry this pregnancy is taking a toll on you - your family is growing beautifully and baby #3 will be here soon! Thanks for catching us up on you. Smile

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Glad you checked in! Smile

You all look adorable in the photo! As far as the runny nose, have you tried the Boogie Wipes? They seem to hurt the babies skin less.

I'm sorry this pregnancy is so much harder, probably a bit because Kay is so little still, your body didn't have much time to recover from her birth and all. Take it as easy as you can with two little ones! Anyway you can ask for help here and there? Hang in there, soon the baby will be here and you'll feel better physically! A third child does seem intimidating doesn't it! I'm sure you will manage and everything will work out in the end!

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Although this is my third successful pregnancy this is actually our 4th child. Every thursday we have Robs son Stephen and every second weekend we have both boys. Pretty soon we will be getting stephen as often as we have Joshua which will be every wednesday thursday and every second Friday Saturday and Sunday.

And with Rob working off hours now that he has a different job there are going to be times when it is just me and the 4 kids.. I really hope I can survive the first year or two...