what happened to my baby!!

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what happened to my baby!!

ok, i give up...had enough.....

she is soooo cranky!! and waking so much at night....so my sleep is all messed up. i am too through with whatever is causing this! i keep thinking it is teeth, but she was 5m yesterday.....my other 2 had teeth at 4.5m...so i think she may take after dh (got teeth at 7m). So if this is teeth i may be one seriously cranky mom by the end of june!

she will be laughing on minute then start crying.....today i tried to keep the other kids away, cause when she is "on edge" like this even stuff she normally likes can "set her off"

ok......i will stop complaining, she's asleep now.......that's where i am headed

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This was sooooooo me yesterday. I was in tears at one point because I was so tired and so DH woke up earlier than normal and helped. Tigh was super fussy all day and I didn't know what was wrong. Maybe teeth? Maybe growing pains? He took some naps which helped give me a break and I went out and bought him one of those vibrating teethers which he seemed to like. He was also super hungry all day.


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Ah, big hugs mamma! I'm sorry your going through a rough patch. Olivia went through that a few weeks ago. I thought it was teeth as well, but alas.....no teeth yet. Do you have anyone that can watch her while you get out for a bit?

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Yeah, Sophia's been doing that off and on for the past two months or so. I think she's teething. I've heard their gums can bother them for months before one pushes through.

I hope you get some relief soon!