When should I give finger foods?

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When should I give finger foods?

Kamden has 4 teeth now. I was wondering when I should give him some Puffs or Cheerios? I know some of you already are, but he still has some issues with swallowing. I've been giving him TINY, TINY bites of my banana (super, duper small if I don't have the mesh feeder) and he's gagged on it a few times (and it's been so small it looks like the size of an ant!) I know the Puffs dissolve, but I am still wondering if I should start or not. He has very good fine motor skills. He's been crawling since 6 months and is now walking up to 5 steps. I just remember that I was already giving Amaya finger foods at this age, but she didn't have this gag reflex he seems to have. Should I hold off or am I just being paranoid?:rolleyes:

Oh, just an update....Kamden is getting a helmet. He is off by 1 cm on the right side. He can turn 80% on one side and 90% on the other. We get him fitted for the helmet on the
12th. I guess it takes 4 weeks to come in, so I'm assuming it will be here by early Oct. I'm glad we're doing it. More people are noticing his head and commenting on it.

He's still not STTN (hasn't ever, not once). We've tried letting him CIO and he still throws up (which is worse because we have to clean him and the crib, so that wakes him) and we've tried offering water instead of formula (that ticked him off to NO end) and we have finally given up. It is what it is we say. He's up at 11, 3, 5 and wakes for the day at 7. Some nights are worse than others. :confused:

We had him in the ER for a fever of 103 for 24 hours and he threw up 7 times in 8 of those hours. We took him in and it was either 1. a virus we had to let pass or 2. he was cutting 3 teeth all at the same time and the dr. thought he might be one who responds to teething that way. Well, it was gone within exactly 24 hrs. He was 100% fine after the next day and he didn't have any cold symptoms following. It was odd.

We tried getting him off of Similac Allimentum, but he didn't react well to a milk-based formula, so we're sticking to it for the next 3 months. We figure it isn't that long, why bother hurting his stomach? YKWIM?
He eats great. He takes 3 meals a day. I started proteins weeks ago and he's fine with all so far. Shoot, this boy loves spinach and broccoli! Blech! He's a good eater.

Other than those things....ha ha.....we're doing very well! He's a tank. He weighs 23 lbs.! He's walking most of the time along things, preferring to do that rather than crawling. He takes 4-5 steps alone and then crashes to crawling. Smile He's clapping. He's saying, "Mama" and "wow". He's super funny and really, really laid back. Now, if we could get him to sleep he'd be the PERFECT baby (IMPO, anyway.) Wink

Miss being on here. Will try to pop in more! Hope you're all doing well!

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Aw, I'm sorry to hear he was so sick! But it sounds like otherwise things are going great!

I'd just go by his cues and not worry about how much textured stuff he's getting. DS had major issues with anything textured until about 1.5. He had to eat everything super pureed until then, and then gradually was able to eat more texture. Other kids on his birth board were eating puffs, cheerios, cereal bars, cut up 'real' food, etc, and he just couldn't do it until he was way older. I did keep trying every so often though, but as soon as he'd start gagging and choking, that was it until the next time.

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I agree with PP.

It's best not to try to force these things, especially if it's scary to you that he's gagging! All babies go at their own pace. He seems to be gaining weight fine and is otherwise healthy, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

You can always call his doctor and see what they have to say about it. It might give you a little reassurance. Smile

As for the Alimentum, Sophia has a milk allergy as well. I asked her doctor about it and she said don't try to give her any milk products. She said we'd talk about it again at her one year appointment, but there's no point to it now. So we're feeding her the Alimentum for the next 3 months as well... SO expensive and NOT what I wanted to hear, but if it makes her little tummy happy, I'm happy. Smile

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My little guy has a strong gag reflex and it's not the most fun thing. Especially when one of my biggest fears is vomit! Ugh!! Austin still gags on purees if he doesn't like them. We have gradually eased in to puffs and other finger foods and he is doing well. The first few times he did throw up and I was paranoid to try again, so I let daycare try. Smile He hasn't thrown up in a while! Just follow his cues. Sounds like he is growing well!

My oldest wore a helmet and it wasn't too bad. The worst part was having to bathe him daily, but he loved bath time and always smelled nice. Good luck!! I hope you see lots of progress.

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We are 95% sure that Tigh will be getting a helmet after our next specialist appointment on Tuesday. We have already braced ourselves for the news. Best of luck to Kamden and I hope he shows great progress!

As far as finger foods, I agree with using his cues. Tigh eats about everything - he even had bits of hot dog and macaroni and cheese last night. He loves cheerios and puffs and it was a good start to have him practice his finger coordination. He wants so badly to feed himself and finger foods allow him that independence. Trial and error is the fun part!