Wish us luck

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Wish us luck

We're going to try letting Kamden CIO a bit. Well, not fully. I forget the method's name, but we're going in every 5, 7, 9, etc. min. as he cries to pat him and not pick him up. I'm terrified but it has to be done. He's waking ALL night long. Every 1-2 hours now....and he never eats anymore, he's just wanting held. Sometimes not even held, just patted in the crib. IDK what else to do. We're SO tired. And then at 4 a.m. he's always awake for about an hour. It's really frustrating. He goes down at 8:00 and wakes the first time at 9. After that it's every hour or so.

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I am sorry! Hugs and good luck!

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I hope this goes well and it quickly gets him STTN. Hadleigh was over 4 months and still crying every night at 3 am like clock work. She had gotten to where she never would take more than an ounce of formula, just wanted to be held and I think just a habit she had become used to. At our 4 month appointment, her doctor said she doesn't need the calories of a night feeding anymore and thats what convinced me I just have to break it.
I'm not big on listening to her cry, it goes against my core but 3 nights later she has slept through ever since. We did the same thing, increase intervals of going back in.
Now, I rock her til she's sleepy, lay her down, pat her a few times, turn on the music and tell her to go nigh-nigh. She may roll around in the crib for a bit and grumble and talk but she rarely cries. She has figured out how to soothe herself.
I know its tough love, huh? It will get easier and once you start having some well rested nights, just think how fantastic your days will be!!!! Smile

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We ended up doing that method a couple months ago cause she'd wake up at night and just want to be held, not hungry at all and no poo.

I have to say, I didn't like the idea of it AT ALL, but now I'm SOOOO happy we did it. She sleeps much, much better. And she's never cried that long, even in the beginning. I like the idea of comforting them, but still encouraging them to learn to sooth themselves.

Now she sleeps 11 hours at night and goes down for her naps/bed really easily. We also have a pretty set bedtime routine, which helps a lot. I feel like she's so much happier now than when she couldn't go to sleep without us.

Good luck!! I hope it works for you as well as it worked for us!!

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Good luck! I agree with everything else that's already been said.. it's tough, but SO worth it! The crying never lasted longer than 3 days with us.

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Good luck mama!

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Good luck! We just did the same thing - it lasted about four nights (naps took about a week), but now Riley sleeps through the night every night at least 11 hours. He's so much more well-rested that it was worth it. But I'm not gonna lie - it was very hard on Mommy! I cried more than he did the first night!

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I hope it works for you! I'm sorry nights have been so rough, but just think of how much more you'll enjoy your sleep once you start getting it! GOOD LUCK!