17 week belly pic!

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17 week belly pic!

ok finally showing enough to merit a belly pic i think! 17 weeks with #2!

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Teehee! Too cute! Biggrin

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Love the drawing too. Youa re sooo tiny! How big did you get with your first?

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Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

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well I gained over 40 pounds last time, so I got big by my standards! hah. This was me full term (3 days before birth) taken 3 years ago.

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Super cute belly then too! Like a little basketball in there.

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Wish I could see the pic (work computer)!

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Geeeee, thanks! Now my husband is going to think I should look like that! Ha. I barely looked that good pre-pregnancy. Wink

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You look great!!

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I love it. These are the posts I want a like button for. lol.

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You look fabulous! Love the little drawing, lol

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i love the drawing too! and yes, you look amazing!

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Great picture, and the little drawing is too cute Smile

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adorable! and very cute drawing. So realistic ROFL