2 weeks!

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2 weeks!

Well, as of yesterday, my little baby is 2 weeks old! As of Monday, she was 7 lbs (gained 14 oz in 9 days) and was 20 inches. She is just a peanut compare to my son! It is crazy to think I still haven't officially reached my due date, which is this coming Monday!

The BP meds finally got my BP under control so I'm on that for a couple more weeks but at least we are good now.

I feel great otherwise! Mayleigh is such a sweet baby and I'm SOOOO much happier not pregnant. I'm enjoying this time so much, although it is hard to get on the computer (I stalk/lurk from my phone mostly).

Hope you all are hanging in there! I hear you all on the insomnia, pain, lethargy etc. I know you will all feel better when the baby comes! Sending hugs.

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2 weeks already?!?!? WOW. I am so jealous that you're not pregnant anymore & get to hold your LO anytime you want.....and all those other times that you don't have a choice. lol

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Time is flying!!!! 2 weeks old, wow Smile so glad your BP is under control and that you and Mayleigh are doing well Smile

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Thanks for updating! How has your recovery been? I'm glad your Bp is getting better. Wow I can't belirve she is two weeks! I guess time is going faster than I realize lol

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That was a quick 2 weeks...for her being here, not my pg - LOL. Funny how those are so different.

I feel like I will be much happier being sleep deprived because of a newborn than in pain and miserable being pg. I'm glad you confirmed that for me.

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I am so glad to hear the BP is coming under control and that you're enjoying Mayleigh. Thanks for the update. Hopefully we all know soon how hard it is to get on the computer with a new baby in the house Smile