20 Weeks

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20 Weeks

Yeah 20 weeks today, half way there!! I feel way behind everyone as I think i have the latest due date but excited and had to share Biggrin Time has flown by so far and can't believe that I am half way done already.
A couple pictures 8 weeks and 20 weeks

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Congrats! It's goes by fast doesn't it?

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Yayyyy! Congrats on being half way there!

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Yay for the halfway mark!

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Congrats, you look great! Smile

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What a cute baby belly!! I left comparing pictures. And this pregancy is going be super fast!! I can't believe how quickly it's gone.

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Nice baby bump! I'm down to 17 weeks to go, but it feels like forever!

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Yay! Way to go! Biggrin

The next 18 weeks will speed by in a blur. The last two weeks will craaaaaaaaaawl and take forever. Blum 3

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Happy half way! You look great!!

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Thanks everyone!

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