22 week appt

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22 week appt

Pretty uneventful, but everything looks good!

Baby's heartbeat was 150, and fundal height measured 23 weeks, so everything seems to be right on track. I have, however, gained 8lbs. since my appt four weeks ago :eek: My OB didn't seem too concerned though, since I've been constipated for a few days. And last night i ate a big dinner and then had a big lunch right before my appt. But I was still shocked when I saw the scale. Gonna have to cut back on the junk food...

My next appt is Sept. 1st for my diabetes test. She gave me the drink to keep in the fridge and drink before the appt, it doesn't look so bad...

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Congrats on the good appt! Lol that's me too, with the weight gain!! I was up 12 lbs from my last appt when I went, I couldn't believe it! Plus, I had just come back from vacation, where I swear I walked at least five miles a day! Oh well, I'll work it all off once baby comes!

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Congrats on a good appt!

Here when we go for the diabetes test- they give you the drink at the lab. You have to sit there drink it, wait and then get your bloodwork done. I would prefer to be able to drink it before I go, instead of sitting there for what seems like forever!

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That's nice they give it to you early! I had to chug mine in the office and then wait. It doesn't taste bad at all. It's just hard for me to choke down all the sugary crap.

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Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool that she gave it to me beforehand, too. My appt is at 4:00 and she told me to drink it at 3:30 and then head to my appt, and they draw blood at 4:30. I was totally expecting this huge jug of sugary drink...it's only 10oz! It just looks like Hawaiian punch. That's good that it doesn't taste bad Smile

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Yay for a good appointment. To make you feel better about the weight, the baby goes through a super growth spurt from 16-20 (I think?) weeks so some of the weight is from just the baby and not anything else Smile

My OB gives me the drink ahead of time so I can chill it. I keep it in the fridge for a whole month. Something about it being cold helped it go down a little bit easier. Ugh I hate all the sugaryness of it though...makes me super jittery and then I have a sugar crash.

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That's great they gave you the drink early. I had to drink it in the office and wait an hour for my blood test. I think I may ask to take it home too and see if they let me. I love the drink - mine tasted like an orange soda.

Sorry about the 8 lbs. I think I will definitely have that much if not more by the time I go back. I've been gaining really fast this past 2-3 weeks and its freaking me out. Glad to know it could be a growth spurt of the baby.

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Yeah, the drink isn't terrible. Ours here is orange and it just tastes like cheap, flat orange soda. And we take ours home to chill as well. Makes things a little less stressful and annoying.
Glad your appt went well. GL at the glucose test!! Smile