26 week appt

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26 week appt

I had my 26 week appointment with 1 hr glucose test on Wed. The appointment itself went fine and I did ok with the blood draw. I have only gained 4 lbs total this entire pregnancy so far and I start my bi monthly visits next appointment Oct 5th. Emily's heartrate looked good. The dr. talked to me about monitoring her size towards the end of pregnancy and if it looks like she is going to be a 9 lber baby they are going to talk about c-section since when Nicholas was born he had mild shoulder displacia (spelling). They don't want a big baby to get stuck.

I just got the call from the nurse that I failed my 1 hr Sad Looking back I had a piece of toast with butter on it (on the OK sheet from the dr.) about 30 min before I left for the dr. office and I think that may have affected the results. I am going to go Monday morning at 8am for the 3 hour test. I really hope I pass Sad

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Glad the appointment went well. Sorry that you failed the 1 hour test Sad It's good that the doctor is going to be proactive in order to prevent having a big baby get stuck. I guess that means you'll be getting some extra ultrasounds at the end which is always a plus!

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Wow, only 4 lbs?! That is amazing! It has to be totally all baby.

Man, that sucks about your GTT!!! I'm so sorry! I wouldn't think some toast with butter would affect your results. I had the same breakfast before mine! Still waiting on the results. I bet everything will go fine with the 3 hr, but that sucks that you have to do it. Hope it goes well!

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Boo on that stupid test. I hope you pass easily on Monday.

Only 4 lbs?! Lucky! LOL

How do you feel about a csection? Just curious since it would be your first.

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I'm sorry you failed your test... I'm shocked that they let you eat anything. I was told strictly not to eat or dring ANYTHING for 12 hours before testing. Good luck on your 3 hour, I'm sure you'll do fine! This is why my OB office has everyone do the 2 hour test from the start, as apparently they're more accurate than the 1 hour. I am, however, super jealous of your teeny tiny weight gain!!

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ugh that sucks about your 1 hr!! They didnt tell me to fast, but i scheduled it for 8am so that I could go in after an all night fast. I didn't wanna take any chances!!! Sounds like you will be fine for the 3 hours. Good luck!!

and wow... 4lbs? good job Smile

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Pooey about the test. I hope you pass the next one. Awesome job on the weight!

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Awww, I'm sorry about the GD test- I hope you pass the 3 hour but it stinks that you have to take it. Bleh. Glad everything else is good, though!

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That sucks about your 1hr test Sad I hope you pass the next, and glad everything else went well at the appointment!

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

How do you feel about a csection? Just curious since it would be your first.

Well I would rather avoid the csection if I can just because it is major surgery, but since this is our last baby and we are taking permanent measures, it will be good for having my tubes tied. Since money is really tight and we would have to pay a separate deductible for both me and DH, this could be a financial break for us.

I'm just going to take things as they come. I'll do whatever it takes to ensure that Emily is healthy!

Thanks everyone else for the good luck and well wishes. I am more freaked out at the possibility of having gestational diabetes than the 3 hour test itself. All I have been eating this pregnancy is sweets and carbs and it would really suck to have to avoid sweets around the holidays. But, like I said earlier, I will do what it takes to make sure Emily is as healthy as I can make her.

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I hope you pass the 3 hour! The toast could have affected it! My doctor told me to avoid carbs an hour before my test.

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Good luck and hope you pass the 3 hr. I was told I didn't have to fast for my 1 hr. I havn't gotten my results back yet so we will see.