28 week appointment

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28 week appointment

Went great. Everything was good. She couldn't find the baby's heart beat at first, she thought he might be head up, but no he was head down and way lower than she was expecting. She found it by ultrasound and it was great, then she measured his abdomen and said he was good. I hate when they do not measure exactly, he measured 26 weeks 3 days and I am 28 weeks. She said it was good though.

I am getting so excited!!!! He still needs a name though Sad

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Glad everything was good! We don't have a name either. Biggrin

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Yeah for a good appointment! And we don't have a name either !

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That's cool that you had an U/S too! Head down and ready to go! Smile Oh, and we don't have a name yet either! :eek:

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Congrats on a good appointment!!

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Glad your appointment went well. Always makes me nervous when they have a hard time finding their heartbeat! Still have plenty of time for a name. Have you narrowed it down to a few choices?

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Glad everything went well with your appt! Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to find his perfect name!