3-D ultrasound and belly pics!

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3-D ultrasound and belly pics!

We had our 3-D ultrasound today- it was pretty exciting! Doctor says everything looks great. I start my 2-week appts now and we will set the c-section date at the next appt.
Here are some pics. She had her hand up by her head the whole time! It looks like she is pretty bald- dr. said he didn't see much, if any, hair. Smile

And a few belly pics, since I haven't shared any. Please excuse the blurriness, I'm not very good with the whole taking pics of myself in a mirror thing.
18 weeks, 28 weeks, & 29 weeks (I sort of take them randomly, as you can see)

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She is so adorable!! So glad everything looks great. The third pic is my favourite Smile

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Aww! I love all the pics! Baby is so cute and you look great!

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Wow, those pics are great! I think I can actually see an open eye in one of the pics! Amazing!

Great bump pics. I love how the extra fan moved into the room by the 3rd pic. Wink

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All great pictures! And like Jules - I feel ya on the fan. We had to put a window unit in our room to use with a fan - LOL. Hot flashes are brutal.

You look great!

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Looking great and what a little cutie! I can't wait until we can all start posting actual baby pics Smile

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Wonderful pics! So glad that your appt went well!!

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What a cutie - those are great pictures!!:D

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Aww sweet baby girl!! You both look wonderful!

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Great 3d Pics! Good to hear that you had a good appt!

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Both baby girl AND mommy look beautiful!