3 month dr visit

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3 month dr visit

Kai is 95% for weight and 75% for height. My short round little man Wink Dr. was happy with development and happy to hear that he is such a nice, easy baby. He keeps telling me I should not have any questions because he is my 4th baby.....hahaha, I wish I was that awesome! Granted I only had one question. When should I stop swaddling? He said now. Sad I'm not ready right this second because I am so flippin tired, maybe in a couple of days.

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A 3 month check up? Strange. LOL

Glad everything's going well and he's a happy baby! Honestly? I'd keep swaddling. If he sleeps good, why mess with it? He's not going to need to be swaddled forever. We're doing a light swaddle w/Vivian still (she hates her arms tight, otherwise I'd do a real swaddle), and I don't see us stopping soon. She's still a little "flaily" and is constantly waking herself up when her arms get out.

If he's in a tight swaddle maybe just try loosening it a bit and see how he sleeps instead of going all of a sudden no swaddle at all.

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I think you are okay to swaddle as long as your baby cannot roll over. I dread the day we are told we can't swaddle Finn anymore. I think the big concern with swaddling older babies is that they could roll over in their sleep onto their face and not be able to move because their arms are constrained. Finn cannot roll over while on his back yet so I think we are safe but he still ends up sideways, etc in his crib while swaddled so I can only imagine where he would be if he wasn't swaddled. I've read that you can start by only swaddling one arm to get them used to it.

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Way to go growing such a big boy! Smile I agree, if he can't roll...go ahead and swaddle. Elaina is swaddled every night and hardly moves. Our 3 month checkup is next week and I don't even think I will mention the swaddle haha

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We don't do 3 month check ups here either. We do 2 and 4 and 6. I am glad to hear he is growing well!

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Sounds like a great appointment!!

We are still swaddling but last night we kept one arm out - this morning scratches all over his face. So we are back to full swaddle tonight!

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Oh the scratches!!!! Elaina gives herself horrible scratches. Elle, has Ryan discovered his hands? Grabbing at toys and such? Elaina is figuring hers out now and the scratching has almost stopped. And when she wants to suck her hand she gets it on the first try now which means less scratching as she drags her hand around her face until she finds her mouth, lol. I am hoping this means the scratching phase is over but not sure.

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Great appointment Smile

I'm guessing from your other thread that Kai is rolling over or close enough anyway to stop swaddling but maybe you can swaddle him to calm him down and get him to sleep and then unwrap him before you put him in the crib? I read swaddling is okay up to 6 months for sleeping as long as you don't have it tight around their hips and legs and they aren't able to roll. We co-sleep so when she is really upset I will swaddle her and just unwrap her before we go to bed. Sometimes she wakes up a little but is usually calm enough to go right back to sleep.

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Yay for a good checkup! My Dr. does them at two and four months, when they give shots. I never got the chance to swaddle Trystan, because we took him to Idaho when he was just 10 days old to visit family on my short maternity leave, and he had to sleep in his pooh chair.