33 Weeks

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33 Weeks

I'm not exactly ready, but my OB just wanted me to make it to today! So here I am 33 weeks. I can't stand up without having to hold everyone up. It really really really feels like they're just going to fall out. My growth appears to have been exponential this week.

Here I am at 33 weeks!

And for funsies, 13 weeks.
13 weeks

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Incredible!!!!! and a BIG Yahoo to making it to 33 weeks!!!! Strong mama already. Wink

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Yahoo wTG! 33 weeks is great! How long are they going to make you suffer??? Lol

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I think that at tomorrow's appointment we'll be scheduling the c-section ... so something like another couple of weeks-ish?

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How exciting! Will they schedule it for sooner rather than later? Or just scheduling in general?

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Yeah for sure they're not going to let me carry around 15 lbs of baby (YAY!!!) and the doctor was confident everyone would be fine if I made it to 33 weeks, so it won't be long. 35/36 weeks max.

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Way to go!! How exciting that you'll be meeting them soon Smile

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Wow, it's hard to believe it's coming up so soon. Of course, for you I'm sure it seems like forever!! Lookin' good though Smile

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Can imagine only have two weeks left??? You have really grown in the last couple weeks! but wow, you really look great!

here's the BIG question.... are you ready to be a mama to twins in 2 weeks???

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"Carolyn85" wrote:

here's the BIG question.... are you ready to be a mama to twins in 2 weeks???

Effffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff NO!

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Yeah sheila!!!!

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Nice job growing those twins!!!!

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Woohoo! You are doing awesome!

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WTG Momma!! You look fantastic. Can't believe you should be meeting those baby in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I can't wait to "meet" them.

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That's so wonderful... congrats!!! You look amazing (it's sad that I'm as big as you are with my one baby lol)!!!