35 Week Appointment

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35 Week Appointment

Had my 35 week checkup today. I saw my regular doctor's alternate as she was out of town. Either one of them may end up delivering the baby, so I am happy to meet them both.

All looks good, now that baby has turned head down he/she measures right on track (was measuring small in the past). Doc did my strep B swab and gave me a requisition for blood work to check if my platelets have come up at all. She said hers were low when she was pregnant but that the limit for an epidural really is around 60, (mine were 100 two months ago), and she thinks I will be just fine. Whew!! I was very relieved to hear that. Will find out what my current level is next week - hoping it went up.

I thought I lost my mucous plug a few days ago so she checked my cervix - it wasn't comfortable but really didn't hurt more than a pap. I was scared that it would hurt but it was ok. Baby's head was VERY low, she said she could feel it right away. That explains the shooting pain and pinched nerves I keep getting down there! And my cervix was 75% effaced, but not dilated. So, sounds like baby is getting in the right position but not ready to come out quite yet (thank god). Yay!

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Sounds like a great check up. Smile

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Sounds perfect! Congratulations. Good luck with your platelet test.

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Good checkup! I hope your platelets are doing ok and YAY for 75% effacement....only 25% left to go in that department Smile

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Hope you get good results regarding the platelets. Sounds like everything is right on track. I still can't believe we're all at the end and really just waiting for our little ones to get here.

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It's almost baby time! I hope your numbers stay up! KUP

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Sounds like a great appointment! Hope your numbers stay up Smile

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Sounds like a good appt!! Hope your platelets stay up!!