35 Weeks

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35 Weeks

Ok first off, I almost titled this "20 Weeks" because that's what is happening to my brain. But yeah, 35 weeks!! I'm there. They're not stopping labor at this point. I'm just waiting on babies. :eek:

And here's the scariness happening to my body. Each week really seems exponentially bigger than the last! I'll put up the series in that stickied thread of pictures and things.


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You look awesome! You're starting to look bigger than a singleton pregnancy. Lol looking great. Not long now!

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Wow, you look awesome! Way to grow those babies!!!!

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You do have one cute pregnant belly! Most pregnant belly's look enormous but yours is so cute. All people should be so lucky to carry twins like that!

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You look amazing... and trust me, my tummy is as big as yours is... with only one lol!

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You look great Sheila!

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You look fantastic!!

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Looking great!

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I would never guess that you were carrying twins! Great job gestating Shelia Smile