38 Week Appt

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38 Week Appt

Was up 2lbs and baby's heart rate was 141. I am completely thinned out so I have made some progress but he said I was not even a finger tip dilated if anything. He said at 38 weeks they will not allow them to talk about induction which I already knew but that next week given the size of the baby if I wanted to go the induction route he thought it would be a good idea. My appt is Tuesday so he said we could get things started Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I am so torn because I wanted to go on my own but with the size of the baby, Christmas, and my daughter's birthday the 28th I think the induction may be the way to go. I mean I have made progress on my own and I am hoping this week at work will make things progress even further if not put me into labor. It's such a hard decision to make. I don't want to feel like I am taking the easy route by evicting him before he is ready. I hate important decisions! I think if my cervix was unfavorable I wouldn't even be thinking about this. I guess we just need to think long and hard before we make our final decision.

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Jessicah - I am right there with you. My body, like yours, is obviously doing things on its own and I don't want to intervene. However, with Christmas and my OB's on call schedule it seems easier on everyone to just do my csection if I make it 2 more weeks. Its a hard call to make. Maybe Ryan is trying to share Brynna's bday Wink

Its great that you are completely thinned out though...I'd take that in a heart beat!

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It sounds like a good appt overall Jessicah. You do have a lot to think about, but whatever decision you make will be what's best for you & your family. Don't let what others may think sway what you want to do.

Thinning is great!! Keep up the good work. Maybe you will be surprised next week at your appt.

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Yay thinning is really good! Are they going to do an u/s at your next appointment to see how big baby is and check your fluid levels? I am a strong believer in "mother's instinct" and if you feel like Ryan is ready and your body is ready then I say go for it! How crazy is it to think that this time next week you may be in labor????? Or even have Ryan in your arms!!!

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yay for thinning! Hope he comes before you expect.

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If I hadn't been dilated I would have felt the same way as you. But seeing as I kept dilating at each appt (eventually getting to 6cm at my last appt!) and given the fact that they told me he was pretty big I went with the induction. If I were in your shoes, however, I would sit tight. Let that baby bake a little more... and being that this is your second baby, you should have an even easier time pushing him out than you did with your first, no matter how big he is.

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I know this feeling you are going through. It so hard to have a baby this time of year. If we only knew the day our baby is ready to appear.

Did doctor say your cervix is favorable? Even w/o dilation?