Acne meds?

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Acne meds?

Hi guys!!
So I was just wondering if anyone knew of safe acne meds/vitamins/creams to use while TTC/during pregnancy??

I just KNOW my face is going to flare up soon, from being off the pill, and I wanted to get on a good regimen so I wont have to hide out all summer while TTC... argh!!!

I KNOW that benzoyl peroxide cream works well for me, and keeps my face clear normally, but I remember last time I was pregnant reading about all these things that arent safe to use while pregnant, so I'd like to find something that was safe the whole time..

I also read that vitamin B and zinc are really good for the skin.. But I wasnt sure if it was safe to take those + prenatels when pregnant/TTC? I know that vitamin A is good but that too much can cause birth defects so I dont want to take any of that...

So does anyone know, from this time around or a previous pregnancy what to use??

I wanted to order some stuff online soon, but its expenssisveeeee and it'll suck to buy it all and then find out its not safe and have to chuck it!!!

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I use the Clinique 3 step with the Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser and my face has been pretty clear. I use to get breakouts all the time but now I only get them every now and then and usually it's due to PMS. Though, I'm not sure if it's a match for pregnancy hormones! My OB said it was fine for me to use during pregnancy but you may want to check with your OB anyway. Biggrin

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I switched to using a Witch's Hazel based toner when I was pregnant, it's all natural....and I've never gone back to my old acne cream that I couldn't use while prego....I love it and would totally recommend it. I just splash it on my face after I wash it and before I moisturize

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*sigh* I totally hear you on this one. I also use BP and I've had non-stop cystic acne since I was a teen. BP is the only thing that works. If I forget it for even one day I get painful sub-skin mounds that KILL!!

I completely dread having to stop using it. I've tried everything else out there and nothing stops my acne so I'll just have to live with it for 9+ months when I get a BFP.

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I started using Tea Tree Oil that I found at The Body Shop here in Canada, it was honestly my last resort. Since TTC, breakouts happen all the time and I never used to get breakouts as a teenager. I've tried so many different products and they'll work for afew weeks and then completely stop, forcing me to switch to something else once again. So, this Tea Tree Oil product is all natural and really great for the skin and you can buy it in a 3 step system. I started to see improvement in about 6 weeks but as soon as I ran out of the stuff, I totally broke out. I went and bought more 3 days later and since then, it's not working anymore. I don't know what it is this time around -- hormones are off, stress, food. I can't figure it out. I'm now using BP for the time to try to heal and treat the break outs I have which is A LOT for me. I've never broken out this bad before, so I'm being to think it's probably stress related (since work has become stressful). As soon as these break outs heal, I'll start using the Tea Tree Oil again because I really do like the way it makes my face feel and the smell isn't all that bad.