Advice for weaning

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Advice for weaning

I have a 1 1/2 year old that I am still nursing at night. I was hoping you girls could give me some advice on how to start weaning him and learning to go to sleep and stay asleep without the nipple. TIA

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I wish I could help but with my DD my milk supply just suddenly stopped when she was 4 months old so I had no choice but to start giving her a bottle at that point. Thankfully she put her bottle down and just "forgot" about it when she was 16 months old. I hope some of the other ladies on the board have some good advice for you.

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my milk is gone!!!!!!!!! im actually sorta sad about it. i really wanted to make it to 1 year with Luke, but the last week or so ive totally dried up. i tried to hand express some last night and all i got was some clear watery stuff.

I guess in a way it is good or i would be in the same boat as you! i really don't want to be nursing the new baby and have Luke asking for some too. hopefully he will have forgotten about boobs by then.

you could swing by the nursing board and see if the ladies there have any advice!

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I don't have any advice for you! I'm sure there would be lots of mamas on the Breastfeeding board with some advice or tips!

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Benjamin turned 2 yesterday, and we're still nursing a little. But I limit him to right before he goes to sleep--- naptime or bedtime. Occasionally I'll be a good sport and let him nurse when he wakes up in the morning if we don't have a busy day planned. Smile

We did two things to help get him to not eat all through the night. The first was that we stopped letting him sleep in bed with us. It was hard to tell him not to eat when the buffet was snuggled up right next to him. Biggrin It was definitely an adjustment for him, but he figured it out.

The second thing was that we made an effort to give him something filling to eat about half an hour before bedtime. Benjamin looooves oatmeal, so we'd tank him up on oatmeal. We mostly wanted to make sure he didn't wake up hungry too quickly.

Good luck!

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We had this issue, too!

*disclaimer..I know this method isn't for everyone, but it worked for us LOL*

For about a week or two, we put Kamryn's infant carseat inside of her crib and put her to sleep there with a bottle of milk. (the carseat, because we wanted her to be upright).

After a few nights, I noticed on the video monitor that she would throw the bottle out of the carseat not long after I laid her down, and with a few exceptions, she was doing great without it. So, I started putting her to bed in the crib like normal, but this time I put a non-leaky sippy cup of ice water in the bed with her. At first, she would hold it till she went to sleep, but now she doesn't use it at all, and it's usually still completely full in the morning. I like knowing she has the sippy there if she gets thirsty. Sometimes I see her on the monitor, she wakes up, sits up, takes a drink, and lays back down and goes back to sleep.

I think part of the reason she wanted to nurse/bottle at night was simply just being thirsty LOL

Hope you get it all figured out with your LO soon! Biggrin

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My DS is almost 14 months and I am trying to cut him back some and eventually wean him. My DD was easy to wean at night, and was no longer nursing during the night a long time before I completely weaned her, even though she was still sleeping in our bed part time. DS is proving to have a more difficult time with it, though he only nuses once during the night, if I try to not nurse him he fuses, crawls around on top of us, and then cries until I eventually nurse him, and then he falls right back asleep. With my DD, I could just cuddle with her hand she'd go back to sleep (I remember sleeping with a high-necked t-shirt on for a few nights so that she wouldn't be able to fanagle her way in), but cuddling doesn't really work with DS (all babies really ARE different!)--he'll fall back asleep cuddling the first time he wakes up, when he comes from his bed into ours, but the second time, he refuses to sleep without nursing. I might try giving him a sippy cup and see if that helps. I that doesn't work, we might have to try to get him to stay in his own bed. My DD learned to fall asleep without nursing with music and me lying next to her. DS can fall asleep rocking. You just have to try different things and hope you find something that works. Good luck.

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I wish I had some good advice for you! The other moms have already posted some great ideas though! I had to go right back to work with all my babies (after just two weeks with my last baby). I couldn't afford to miss more time than that. I tried pumping at work, but I'm sure you all know it's just not the same as baby feeding and after a couple of months it dried up. I was so upset, especially because I know how much better it is for them than formula (plus it just makes you feel more like a mother, you know?). I'm really praying that this time around I can keep it up longer, and that I can take the full three months off work... not looking like it yet, but fingers crossed! Good luck with weaning your little one!