AF just had to show her ugly face!

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AF just had to show her ugly face!

So I know I posted about this on our secret FB group, but if any of you missed that I wanted to ask again (especially since the last time wasn't the real thing, as it was just spotting for one night then went away). A couple of days ago I got my period, the real deal this time. How can this be? I'm still BF exclusively. Is it because I'm pumping at work? Is it because of the mini pill? I thought as long as you were BF, AF wouldn't make her crappy appearance?!?! WTH is going on? Does this mean that I'm ovulating again now (which freaks me out now, because DH and I finally DTD a couple of days ago and I let him you know what inside of me, even though I still have a week and a half to go before my first pack of the mini pills are finished... stupid, I know)? Help!

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Oh Krystal that stinks! I have read that pumping doesn't offer the same 'protection' against AF even if you are pumping every few hours. Some women are just unlucky and get AF even if they are exclusively nursing. I didn't get AF for 9 months, and I worked 14 hour days and generally only pumped twice. Sorry she showed up!

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Ah sorry to hear that! I don't think BFing protects you from AF... I've heard of lots of people getting it while BFing. And yes, it could mean you can get pregnant again I would think, so be careful unless you're ready for #5!

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boo! When I EBF DS I got my period the entire time! I'm waiting for her to show up any day now!

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that sucks Krystal. I didn't get AF back with ds1 or dd until they weaned at 15 and 17 month. I am hoping that happens again this time, but I am on the pill this time so I am worried AF will show up early.

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Ughhhh so sorry to hear that. I thought BFing would have kept it away longer too!! I don't even want to think about AF (still have PP bleeding anyway)

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Boo if it is AF. I have been bleeding following intercourse. It doesn't happen right away but a day or two later. It seems like AF in the volume but there's no other normal symptoms of AF. I have no idea if it's normal but maybe it's the same for you?

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That sucks!!! AF came for me between 3-4 months last time around. I hope that's not the case this time!