Allergic reaction? (xp)

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Allergic reaction? (xp)

So last night DH and I go out for sushi and we take T with us. After dinner they bring us some mango ice cream, and T was staring so intently as I was eating it and kicking his little feet while chomping at the bit, so I gave him a few little tastes. I'm talking, four or five teeny-weenie bits on the edge of the spoon. We finished up and drove over to Best Buy, and when we got him out of the car his entire face and mouth had red welts all over it, and he was rubbing his eyes like crazy! I immediately started tearing up and freaking out, as after four babies I've never seen anything like that before (none of my other kids have any sort of allergies). We checked to make sure that he was breathing fine, which he was... so we just raced home. I put him in the tub to wash him down, gave him some vitamins, infant advil, and bf him. After about an hour it was completely gone... but needless to say it freaked me out. I tried to google what it could have been, but I can't tell if it was the milk in the ice cream, or maybe the mango? I figured if he had any milk intolorances I would have noticed by now, as I drink milk and have yogurt almost daily. Any ideas on what could have caused this? I felt like such a horrible mother... but I know at one time or another I let all of my babies have a taste or two of ice cream and never had something like this happen.

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That sounds so scary!! Sorry you hadtl go through it. I think it could be a contact reaction. Strawberries and tomatoes can do it too. I am going to guess it was the mango? Not really an allergy but more a sensitivity. I think early exposure can trigger long term allergies though. Not positive on that but I have been reading a lot about solids lately. Sounds like he is okay now but it might be worth avoiding
any new foods for a little while till he's a bit older. HTH

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They say mango should wait until 8 months because tropical fruits can cause allergies like you described. Maybe try again when he is older, but it sounds like he had an allergic reaction.

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Yup that sounds like an allergy - so sorry that must have been so scary!!

To this day I get an itchy mouth and lips when I eat pineapple, so it can definitely be a contact allergy. And who knows what else is in the ice cream - I have recently become very aware of the long list of ingredients of any processed food. I was told not to feed any dairy products until after 1 year of age.

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Sounds scary. Hard to guess for certain what caused the reaction since he was exposed to couple new things all at once in the ice cream. I would go back to what you were doing before...introducing low-allergen foods one at a time.

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Thanks for the replies girls. DH's mom is a nurse and she too said that it was probably the mango. I figured as much, too, because as I said before if it was anything to do with the milk I'm sure he would have had some prior reaction via what I eat. I wonder if this would have happened if I gave him the mango gerber baby food? I'm slowly introducing solids again (he loves the banana oatmeal and peas, I also bought applesauce but haven't given it to him yet), and I typically buy all of the fruits... so scary.

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How scary! Glad he is doing better!

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Scary! Glad it cleared up quickly. We haven't started solids yet. I tried to give her banana's once... haha. Let's just say she is only interested in looking at the food.