Almost died in Babies r us

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Almost died in Babies r us

Duuude! I tripped on one of those basket wire racks. It was in the was in the weirdest place. It was at the end of an isle towards the back of the store. I did not see it, obviously. I tripped and my feet got all tangled up in it. It was so loud and I flew so far. Oy! I am so glad I did not hit the floor. I was so embarrassed. I felt fine right after, but I definitely pulled something in my back. Sad I have been using ice, but wish I could take meds. So scary though, my life flashed! my ankle hurts, but there is no swelling or bruising. Guess I just twisted it. My left side from my bra on my back down hurts and I did not even hit the floor.

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Yikes! We were at BRU yesterday and the store was a mess! I could have found myself in the same situation. Glad you're okay. Take Tylenol if you think it will help.

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Oh no! Not your best week, huh? Sorry! Sad

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Boo!! I am glad you didn't actually fall to the floor. Hope you aren't hurting too badly.

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Isn't it weird how when you feel yourself falling, all your muscles go into overdrive to prevent you from it and then you end up so sore!! Hope you feel better soon!

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I hope your back feels better soon. I'm glad you didn't fall.

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That's terrible!! I'm glad you didn't fall completely. I hope you are feeling better very soon!

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Ugh, yuck! Any sort of spastic movement kills me! Even when someone scares me or pokes me! Hope you are feeling better! I can barely walk through a store anymore without my hands and feet blowing up like balloons.

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I'm so glad that you and baby are OK! I swear I hate going to that store! Mine is never messy, but I swear they only have one teenager working at the register and the line is always 10 people deep!