Anyone else thinking of TTC again this soon?

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Anyone else thinking of TTC again this soon?

I was on the feb 2012 board but my little one came at 34 weeks on Dec 29. She's doing GREAT now lol almost too good to be true to be honest. My husband is due home next month from deployment(We are an Army family). We talked about having another child but I don't know what to do. I have talked it over with my mother. I am turning 34 next week. We are almost certain he will be deploying towards the end of next year. I'm scared that if we don't start TTC soon after he gets home that 1) It will take a long time since she was/is an Infertility pregnancy which I obtained using injectables 2) I'm not a spring chicken 3) I'm scared of having a big age gap because she already has a half brother who will be 7 next March. I don't know how long I should wait untill we are active with the TTC because doesn't our bodies need time to heal after having a child. I'm in such a rock and a hard place. Scared to not jump the gun but scared that if I don't I will miss my chance since I already have infertility issues. Thank you in advance for any input, it's all welcome.

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Sounds like you're ready! I don't know if you had a C-Section or not, but I vaguely remember hearing that it was more important to have some time to heal between deliveries if you had a C-Section. I do not know what the recommendation is though, maybe a year? If you didn't have a C-Section I would think you're good to go, the kids would be about 17/18 months apart and that's plenty of time. With the infertility, your age, your husbands deployment and most importantly your readiness for another child, I would definitely go for it.

Personally we are going to wait. DS was/is a fairly demanding baby and I am just finding things are getting a little easier now. I need some time for things to return back to normal (read: sleeping through the night would be nice or heck, even just getting up once). I also had a difficult pregnancy where I wasn't feeling well most of the time, and I cannot imagine feeling like that and having a baby that still needs to be carried around most of the day.

I think we will wait till next year this time and try again. I just turned 32.

Good luck and keep us posted!!! How exciting!!

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Not right now, no! But possibly in a year or so? Who knows. I'm also waiting for some sleep.

I think if I were on a little bit of a time limit, and your hubby is coming home, why not?! I would think that if your body is healed and ready for a pregnancy it will happen, and if it's not ready yet, it won't happen.

I hope that you have an easier time getting pregnant this time.

Also, a friend of mine is in Fayetteville, NC and her dh is also coming home next month. Smile

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I didn't have a c-section thank goodness. I just am worried that if we take our time thinking about TTC, it will slip out of our control. I never wanted to have children when I was younger. Then when I spent time with my stepson, I knew it was something that I would like to try. Now I can't live without her. Amazing little booger she is lol

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I think general medical recommendation is to wait 12-18 months, regardless of delivery method, because your body needs that time to heal and replenish. However I'm sure we all know people who have become pregnant sooner and their pregnancies and babies were fine. It sounds like you have given it a lot of thought and if you and your family feel ready, go for it.

Right now for me a second child is so far off my radar, I don't think we will decide whether to TTC again for about two years. Funny thing is that DH is warming up to the idea faster than I am. Meanwhile our little frozen embryos will just have to wait....