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Anyone else? (xp)

Ive never had this happen to me but not too long ago I was sitting here and had a headache and then got hungry and right as soon as i got hungry i got hot flashes, started shaking, and felt week. It kind of scared me. I went ahead and ate something and feel better now. My stomach is still a little queasy and the shakes are subsiding but again ive never had it happen before. Anyone else have this happen before? Im also wondering if maybe its also because I forgot my vitamin last night but ive forgotten it before and havent had this happen.

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Yup. Every day, every time I get hungry.

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Sometimes I feel psycho when hungry, but not the sweating and stuff. Guess you need to snack more Smile

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Shakes, sweating, headache, and weakness are all signs of low blood sugar. Might have just gone to long without eating. Wouldn't worry too much unless it happens repeatedly.

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Definitely sounds like low blood sugar. I get the headaches and shakes when I don't eat often.

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Never had that happen... Do you have low blood sugar?

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I dont think I do, from what I know of all my blood came back normal when I got it drawn a couple weeks ago

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That happens to me all the time if I don't eat often enough. Just make sure you always have snacks on hand so you don't get too hungry.

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"thinktink19" wrote:

I dont think I do, from what I know of all my blood came back normal when I got it drawn a couple weeks ago

Your blood sugar is in constant flux, primarily changing due to what you eat, but also your metabolism, sleep, exercise, stress, etc. Normal blood sugar levels in one moment can change rapidly. You might want to take notice next time of when you're feeling this way, how long it has been since you last ate, and if you start to feel better an hour or so after getting some food down.

I'm very easily affected by low blood sugar and ordinarily (not pregnant) get irritable and a little ill if I don't eat all day, with shakes and actual vomiting only happening rarely for me. Now that I'm pregnant, if I go more than 3-4 hours without food, I get all of those symptoms. The goal is to eat frequently with protein at every meal/snack to avoid feeling like crap.

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I agree with pp def sounds like low blood sugar. I get this a lot and don't realize that I haven't eaten, and then when I eat I'm a whole new person and I realize wow! I really just needed to eat to make it all go away. I keep a lot of protein bars on deck. I have a box in my car and a box in my kitchen cabinet just in case I feel like that. Special K makes some really great chocolate chip ones so you get your sugar and protein and all that good stuff. GL!

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Yup, I have always had that problem but its much more frequent being pregnant it seems. It is the worst feeling and eating does make it go away but not right away. I have to eat then wait a little bit for it to be gone.

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I had this happen today at work. Sad you're right, it's scary! I did feel a bit better after eating, but not entirely.