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Had a good appt on monday- my weight was actually 1 lbs down, so hoping from now on it doesn't go up too much more. I was a bit scared to see my weight as its been going up so fast. My Dr had sent all my papers in too the surgery department and they booked my c-section for the 22nd of december.
I am too call by the end of the week to get it changed to a later date if its available. So have come to terms with if I choose the later 27th date that if I go into labor then I will just get to the hospital for an emerg c-section. I am going to call to get it changed. I am going to try to make it so I can be home for Christmas. I will have to have the other Dr in the office do the surgery as my Dr will be gone home for Christmas. I almost want the early dates the ligament pain is now on both sides and is painful .

Measuring a few days ahead good heartbeat staying steady at 150, she is head down so almost too bad I can't try vbac- but as long as she arrives safely thats all that matters. I start going every 2 weeks now and done work in two weeks- got my Dr note for work lol too funny because legally to start the maternity leave you have to have a note that says you are pregnant and your due date. Its obvious that I am but the note actually says- shannon is pregnant and due Dec 30. They changed my sue date by a day too lol

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Sounds like a great appt! Sorry your still having the groin ligament pains. Did you get in to see a chiro? I though you had looked into it but I don't remember if you started seeing one. It really helPed me.