Appts belly pic u/s pic!

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Appts belly pic u/s pic!

Baby measures 9.5 on the u/s. doctor checked I'm a good 3 and 50%. He did a membrane sweep(which was uncomfy but didn't hurt). Baby looks great on nonstress test. I Lost 2 lbs Smile

Baby's no later than date is Friday!!

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Amanda - those U/S pictures are awesome!!!! Hmmm, does it look like a boy or girl in there? Smile

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Baby looks just like all the others!

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Amazing pictures and awesome appointment! I can't wait to find out what you're having!

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Wow amanda! That's all so exciting Smile great pics! You look great.

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Great pics! I hope the sweep gets things moving!

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I love the open mouth picture! I hope things get moving for you really soon!

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Sooooo cute!! You'll be meeting baby very soon!

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Love the pics! I hope the membrane sweep does something for you. And at least you have an eviction notice. Maybe s/he will take that warning and decide to come out on their own!

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Awww, cute pictures and you look great!! I hope the sweep works its magic and you won't need to evict!:D

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Amazing u/s photos!! And you look great Smile I hope things get going for you now!!

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Yay for an eviction date! I hope the sweep works for you.

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Great pictures!! Good luck for friday-but hopefully you go into labor before then !!