awesome appointment today!!

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awesome appointment today!!

Guess who is dropped, engaged, and THREE centimeters dilated? I am so excited. I have defintely had friends in real life and on who were a couple cm's dilated for weeks so I know its no guarentee but I'm excited at the prospect Smile

I'm up 18 pounds, I was up 28 at this point with Luke so I'm really glad about that.

It was a long appointment. We solidified my birth plan, I'm signed up for a birth tub room, and went over everything. I'm still not opposed to getting an epi once I'm fully dilated and they have no problem with that.

She said not to worry about my constan tcontractions because there is no reason to stop them at this point Smile

My Christmas baby may very well be a thanksgiving baby!

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Holy cow!!! That's awesome. Now you know why you were having so many contractions. How exciting!!

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Wow, holy cow! After your and Krystal's appts, I really wish I got checked too! I will ask next week. I can't believe you are so close! Are they worried about the baby coming before week 37??! EEEE, so exciting!

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Yay! Congratulations Carolyn! Bonus, bonus, bonus, bonus....great appt!

I have a question though. Can you get an epi once fully dilated? I thought nothing was administered after a certain point.

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Lesley, every hospital is different. At mine as long as the baby isn't crowning and you can hold still they let you get it. With my first I was 10 cm dilated. I attempted pushing for a bit but I couldn't handle the pain of pushing while contracting, so I got an epi. He was born an hour later.

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Ohhh! How exciting!!!!

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Posts: 613 any day for you too!!! Glad you had a good appointment.

You ladies make me feel like such a cheater. I have a c-section scheduled in almost 2-weeks and my cervix is closed tight, nothing going on here. I bet if I went naturally I wouldn't deliver until Christmas!

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Wow! Great appt! 3cm! So exciting!

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Eee! :D:eek:

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Wow!!!! I am so excited for you! I feel like I need to check this board every hour, seems like there's a bunch of us about to go anytime now!

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Wow!! So exciting!! I think I need to step up and finish my hospital packing just in case lol.

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"HaganBaby" wrote:

Wow!! So exciting!! I think I need to step up and finish my hospital packing just in case lol.


Yay for an awesome appointment Carolyn!

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I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

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Carolyn, did your doctor put you off work or are you still planning on working being 3cm dilated?

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Haha Jessica... I just got home from work Smile I don't plan to quit, i like my job too much. My last shift is next week anyway.

I just want him born or the contractions to stop. They have been every 30 minutes for the last 24 hours. It's tiring. I will go nuts if I have 4 weeks of this!

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I plan on working right up until I deliver as well. I really enjoy my job too. Although I must say the last few weeks the patients have started to wear me down.

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Wow congrats on some exciting news! I'm also dilated 3CM.. but my LO hasn't dropped yet (I'm actually glad he hasn't... because then the pressure would really be on down there lol!)!! Excited for you!!