Baby Movements

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Baby Movements

Okay, I just wanted to post this to see how ordinary or out-of-the-ordinary these things are w/ the rest of you ladies.

First, it feels like my little girl is ALWAYS moving. Lots of rolling, poking, kicking, convulsing, etc. It has gotten to the point where it is becoming painful when an elbow or foot is poking out. Does this hint to how active or hyper a child will be later in life? I'm thinking up all night & ADHD at this point. =/

Also, I remember this from my other two pregnancies, but who is getting the painful belly hardening that isn't bh? It seems like it is from her arching her back or stretching out. She seems to do it when she feels cramped for space. It's almost like she is claiming her territory.
It has begun to hurt & the pain flows into my pelvis & back. I don't think they are bh b/c it seems to only harden on one side of my belly.

Anybody else experiencing anything like the things I am?

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Yes to all of the above. It seems as though this little girl rolls and flips and stretches all day every day. And I get the tightening too. Sometimes it hurts really bad.

Its been so bad at times that I feel like I get motion sickness.

And, I also push her little limbs back into place and everyone freaks out and thinks its a contraction. Can a pg woman not push her tummy and wince in pain without being in labor? Wink

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I have wondered about the activity levels too. Although my boy seems more inactive to me. I have the arching back feeling too. It hurts in my vajay....and my lower back. I also do not count these as contrax or BH. But it does hurt! I have a few spots that if he touches it really makes me see stars, I often wonder if it is my kidneys or something.

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

And, I also push her little limbs back into place and everyone freaks out and thinks its a contraction. Can a pg woman not push her tummy and wince in pain without being in labor? Wink

This happens to me at work all the time. If I even touch my belly infront of a customer they ask if I'm okay and get all worried. Most of the time I'm just trying to push her knee or whatever a little so she moves again and I'm more comfortable.

Mine moves a lot too and sometimes I swear she is pushing outward as hard as she can but I don't get pain like you are describing. I just feel stretched and uncomfortable.

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This LO is super active too. Not sure what it means to her activity level after birth, but sometimes a foot or a knee or something will jab the side and those hurt and I try to push her foot back.

Then, sometimes she will lay a certain way and it makes it hard to breath and my belly gets super tight... she doesnt' stay that way for long but it is super uncomfortable and I have to take a deep breath...

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Oh yay, I mean not for our pains & bumps, but that we are not alone!!

Thank you again ladies....lifesavers I tell ya!

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Connor moves but in spurts and sometimes it totally hurts. He'll stretch and I feel like i can't breathe and my tummy gets super hard.

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Yes to all of these things. Mine is pretty active, but I noticed it's much worse if I eat sweet stuff. One day she just would not stop moving. All. day. long. Later I reflected and realized it's because I was popping pieces of chocolate over the course of the day.

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Yes, yes, and yes. All of it. The worst is when she goes way down low and decides to play around down there and wreaks havoc on my cervix and bladder. I swear it feels like she is literally scraping my cervix. It is the weirdest feeling, it freaks me out because it feels like she is going to come busting out down there, and it hurts so badly. I did not have this with my first 2 pregnancies. It is much nicer when she moves back up - I still have her butt and limbs sticking in my ribs but it doesn't really hurt.

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Same here. Her newest one is something that feels like shaking her head?? It's so weird, I can feel her head down quite low moving from side to side. It feels so weird! And I get the usual rolls and limbs everywhere. I swear she has an extra foot!!

I get the tightening too but I always thought it was just BH...? Sometimes it's painful, yeah...if I'm walking sometimes I need to stop and lean over a bit!

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The weirdest thing I have felt so far is this sensation that bubbles are popping in there. It's like she's blowing raspberries or something. I have no idea what's causing that one.

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Yep, I think this one's going to be a disco dancer!

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I get crazy movements too. The "seizure" movements are the oddest. I also get this sensation that almost feels like a heartbeat. They're consistant and like a pulsating feeling. Don't know if that's hiccups or what but I only feel it in one spot and it's not like his whole body is moving like most people do when they hiccup.

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Sorry... my little guy doesn't poke at all, he just rolls and then shoves his butt, elbow... whatever he wants up into my belly lol! It's more like waves. And I don't have any of the belly hardening... never had that actually...