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Baby Shower Info!

So on our "chatting" thread Jenn was asking me about the details of my shower, so I figured I would post them all here! We're having it on Sunday, October 30... day before Halloween! So of course, it's all Halloween themed, which I think is so fun, because who does that?!?! I've already had my huge "boy" shower and my huge "girl" shower, so this time around I figured we would go all spooky with it! My mom's BFF lives in a gorgeous 6000 sf home, and her DH always decorates to the nine for Halloween (and since she hosted my DD's shower as well), so we're having it there and she's taking care of all of the decorating!

For food, my good friend is bringing some of her famous pancet (phillipino noodles for those who've never had the pleasure of eating this!), I'm making "ghost sandwiches", which is basically ham or turkey sandwiches and using a ghost shaped cookie cutter to cut the white bread! We'll also do "hot dog mummys" which are hot dogs wrapped in frozen pizza dough with mustard for eyes! For sweets, we're doing ghost rice krispie treats, spooky cupcakes, and cookies shaped like tombstones with RIP written on them in icing, and the best... my friend is making her famous cake pops, which will be black and orange colored chocolate! And of course, all the basics like a veggie/fruit tray, chips... yada yada.

For games, we'll be doing four: the diaper raffle, for everyone that brings diapers we'll do a raffle at the end of the shower for a prize, halloween bingo, halloween word scramble, and a game where you have to write down as many words as you can using the letters in "halloween shower." The prizes for the games will be $15 gift cards to either Sephora, Walmart, Bath and Body works, or Starbucks!

Thankfully with Ginger (mom's BFF) taking care of all decorations and my mom buying the plates/cups/forks/ect, all I'm buying so far is the gift cards. There's also a lot of the food though, and if my mom can't afford it I'll be buying most of that as well (and making it!), so part of me is worried about the cost. I had mentioned before I hope that it's worth it, that people will actually come, or I'll come out upside-down with this baby shower! Anyway, I promise I'll post pics when it's all said and done!

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How fun!! That sounds like it's going to be a blast. I hope you have a great time and get lots of nice things for Trystan.

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That all sounds great. You have your work cut out for you with all those shaped treats. You have more patience than me. How many people are you inviting?

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I sent out 27 invitations, so I expect around 10 of them to fall off for various reasons. And with myself, my mom, and her BFF there shoud be 20 of us. Like we've discussed in the past though, I'm just hoping it's worth all the work. My dad lost his job yesterday, so I pretty much am on my own with paying for the food and drinks as well... so I really hope it's worth it. Now I find myself questioning whether or not we should have done one at all...

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sorry to hear about your dad! I hope you plan to share pics. Smile

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That all sounds so cool! I'm sorry to hear about your dad though. And I definitely hope you come out ahead with this party!

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That sounds really cute! My shower is tomorrow and it's Halloween/pumpkin themed too! Smile

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Sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear about how it goes and take lots of pictures.
My work is having a shower for me but not till December 3rd.My daughter wants to plan a shower with my mom for after the baby is born for family and friends. She is really excited to plan a shower.